Pardee Lake has continued to fill up and is at 97% full since last Thursday due to snow melt/rains from the previous week. Lake Camanche’s elevation has again slightly increased  to approximately 217.51′ and was still holding at 70% full at the time of this report. Lake Camanche was releasing 583 C.F.S. and was receiving approx. 670 C.F.S. from Lake Pardee again at the time of this report.

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Mt. Lassen trout farm made an early delivery last week on Tuesday 11/21 dropping 4,800 lbs. They split that load 3 ways with 1,200 lbs. to the pond and both north/south ramps. We will receive another load this week of 1,800 lbs. next week.

Some anglers are still reporting a tough bite as the lake surface water is still warm at around 60 degrees. Check individual comments below for baits and locations.

Amber Lynn posted this shot of night fishing – 13 lb. cat from Camanche. She commented to the post, “This was our first time hitting Camanche for night cats. Usually go to Hogan, but I say yes it’s good times right now.” She also commented that she was using, “good old chicken liver.”

Left: Kevin Jenkins share this shot on FB and titled it, “Great Black Friday Fishing Day!”

Left & Right: Teena & Arnold posted these shots to Facebook and Arnold wrote, ” After a 6 month overhaul, Rebuilt main engine, rebuilt out-drive, and major service on the small Honda, We finally made it out for our first trip this trout season. We went 4 for 4. All on spoons trolling at 2 to 2.5 mph. Set back 100 to 175 ft. 11/20.”

Left: Arnold & Teena Padilla, “Well, Teena Padilla and I woke up early this morning and discussed, what our chances would be to get a late fall salmon. We decided we would have better luck at winning the lottery. LOL. So we changed our minds and headed to Lake Camanche. I got to tell you, I always enjoy meeting members in person. Glad to have met you both Jon Lippincott and David Sutch. Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

Today start very foggy on the lake. We headed straight to the Hats. We set up and trolled right down between them headed to the dam. Picked one up. came back around and Oboy, It was very difficult to keep a straight heading. I couldn’t imagine what it was like in a small boat. We struggled trolling the Hats, and were able to boat 5. We finally got tired of fighting the wind, We decided to head to the narrows, At the hats it was rainbow and bright chartreuse grubbs.

As we approached the narrows, we set up again. This time we motored in with rainbow, white, and chartreuse. The white grubb exploded as we passed China gulch. Wham, Wham, Wham,, And also the rainbow, almost a triple. Got to the end made a turn, WHam.. One more on the white grubb, Completed the turn and Wham,,,again White and we were limited out.

It was a grub kinda day. All long lining. Set back as close as 100′ to 180′ Slow was the ticket in the narrows, Right at 1 to 1.2 mph.”

All 4 photos above were shared by James Leach. He reported that his, “Son’s name is Jordan Leach. He is 11. He got to fish with Nick Smith for 2 hours at IFmas.. He caught a 4 pounder with Nick while casting a crawfish lure. We caught another 4 pounder and a 3 pounder at exactly the same time while trolling Rapalas for Trout close to the Dam in about 30 ft of water..We fished Fri-Mon. Caught 12 trout mostly around Big Hat island….P.S. He also has his picture on the bulletin board at the North Shore Marina with a beautiful Crappie!!”

Left & Right: Tom Valente, aka @tvalente74 on Instagram posted both shots and wrote, “Birthday trip to @lakecamanche for my Dad. #fatherandson #lakecamamche #catchandrelease #happybirthday #likefatherlikeson 11/23.”

Left & right: Scott Jomaoas posted his 6.38 lb. trout from the pond on 11/23 and reported using powerbait mouse tail, chartreuse and orange.

Left & right : aka @jojo_stay_yankin, @hole_intruder_fishing of Valley springs were fishing the pond and posted these shots to Instagram stating, “Yesterday’s Thanksgiving was special brought to by @jojo_stay_yankin, @lakecamanche is on fire!!!” @teamholeintruder

Right: Another Instagramer, @ethanthefishhunter @lakecamanhce trouts. #fatherandson #fishon # fishfun #fishtrout #trout #limitout

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Thank you to all those that choose to come to Lake Camanche and those that share your pictures & information.