Lake Camanche Boating, Rentals & Watersports Overview

Lake Camanche is the perfect place to bring or store your boat, year round. The western end of the lake, with its wide-open geography, is perfect for personal watercraft, wakeboards, water skis, and other towables. Marinas are located on North and South Shores with eight-lane launch ramps, berthing, storage and rental boats.

Covered slips are available on a short-term and annual basis. Camanche features a 5 mph limit within 200 feet of shore, providing quiet beaches for sunbathing and solitude.

The eastern end of the lake, east of the narrows, is reserved for a quieter boating or fishing experience. No personal motorize watercraft or towables are allowed in this area and speed restrictions are imposed.

NO LIFEGUARDS ARE ON DUTY. ALL ON-WATER ACTIVITIES ARE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of Lake Camanche.

A complete list of the rules and regulations are available at Water Activity Regulations (pdf). General stores on each shore are stocked with bait and tackle, snacks, groceries, beverages, fishing and camping supplies.

Due to the growing presence of the invasive Zebra and Quagga mussel in California, we will be conducting mandatory boat inspections and interviews prior to entry. Please click here for more information, tips, and a list of prohibited counties.

Relaxing With Nature

“Great location for views, kids were able to walk down to water for some fun and fishing. Everything was close by the campsite: store, playground, restroom, showers, laundry and cleaning station. We enjoyed every moment; son may have started an annual tradition teehee. Looking forward to next year’s camping.”-tuf travelers via TripAdvisor

Samantha Party Barge

Rent The 20 Passenger
Party Barge ‘Samantha’ Today!

(Note: During the off season 24 hour notice is required for renting the Samantha)

4 Reasons Why ‘Samantha’ Will Be Your Favorite Too:

1. Explore private islands. You and up to 19 friends can spend the day on private islands around Lake Camanche. Many are only accessible by boat; giving you complete privacy to enjoy the water undisturbed by other guests. It’s like having the lake all to yourself.

2. Samantha has a private bathroom, waterslide, upper deck patio, umbrellas, a covered cabin, mp3 player, speakers and a (gas) BBQ grill. It’s a perfect way to spend the day out on the lake without ever having to come back for food, restrooms or rest. Swim, tan, eat, and enjoy the lake at your own leisure.

3. Kayaks and paddle boards can be included as a package to give you more ways to play on the water. Race the kayaks or cruise on the paddle boards while exploring new coves.

4. Food, ice and drinks can be ready in a cooler when you arrive. You don’t need to carry anything heavy down the launch ramp. Save your back and spend the extra preparation time with family and friends instead. Just come on-board and everything will be waiting for you.

Make your reservations before the party barge is all booked up.

Simply call (209) 763-5915 or (209) 763-5166 and let us know your date of arrival, what you want ready and a small deposit to hold your reservation.

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Available Party Barge Packages


Samantha Activity Package: Only $200 Plus Boat Rental

  • Your choice of Two (2) kayaks (single or double seated) OR Two (2) Stand-Up Paddle Boards OR a combination of each
  • Two (2) fishing access permits
  • Container of nightcrawlers
  • Jar of Powerbait
  • Two (2) fishing poles and rigging consisting of #6 hooks, #14 treble hooks and #7 split shot.

Make your reservations before the party barge is all booked up.

Simply call (209) 763-5915 or (209) 763-5166 and let us know your date of arrival, what you want ready and a small deposit to hold your reservation.

  • Cooler w/40lbs. of Ice Delivered On-Board: Only $25
  • Samantha Grocery Package:
    • Did you forget something or just don’t have time to shop? Let us do your shopping for you. We offer a list of items that our staff can have ready for your arrival at no extra service cost.
    • Current Items Available:
      • 12 pack of soda ($7.99)
      • 12 pack of beer ($13.99)
      • Gallon water jug ($4.50)
      • Hot dogs ($2.99)
      • Hot dog buns ($2.99)
      • 20lb Ice ($8.10)
      • Napkins ($2.99)
      • Paper towels ($1.99)
      • Paper plates ($2.99)
      • Cups ($3.99)
      • Mayonnaise ($5.99)
      • Ketchup ($2.99)
      • Mustard ($3.99)
      • Relish ($2.99)
      • Lays Chip Products (SM $1.49, L $4.29)
      • Sunscreen ($11.99 – $12.99)
      • ChapStick ($2.99)

Not on the list? Just ask. (Prices and availability subject to change)

Make your reservations before the party barge is all booked up.

Simply call (209) 763-5915 or (209) 763-5166 and let us know your date of arrival, what you want ready and a small deposit to hold your reservation.

Samantha Party BargeFee TypeMay - SeptemberOctober - April
Samantha Party Barge

20-Passengers | Water slide, bbq grill & restroom
Security Deposit$500$500
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$625$625
Fuel Surcharge$50$50

Did You Know?

Research shows that spending time outdoors decreases stress, improves mood, and help makes us happy. Researchers don’t know the exact reason why it makes us happy yet, it just does. Until they figure it out, come enjoy some happiness at Lake Camanche.











Storage TypeDayWeekMonthCalendar Year
Day Storagen/a$50$120$700
Open Slip$30$150$350$1350
(March - October)
Covered Slip
(less than 24 feet)
Covered Slip
(24 feet or longer)
Mooring Buoy
(less than 30 feet)
Mooring Buoy
(30 feet or longer)
  • Key Security Deposit: $50
  • Holding Tank Pumpout: $100


  • Entry fees are NOT included in storage fees.
  • Dry storage is not included in wet storage fees.

Marina Storage

Protect your boat with our new, state of the art covered berths by Atlantic-Meeco Marinas & Docks. We offer 50 slip covered berth at the North Shore marina. The Atlantic-Meeco Marina system delivers an unmatched record of success, durability, and longevity.

This state of the art covered berth will feature:

  • 22 – 10′ x 25′ slips
  • 26 – 10′ x 30′ slips
  • 2 – 11′ x 30′ slips
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Environmentally friendly non-slip *ThruFlow decking
  • Winch and cable anchorage
  • Sun Protected Super Span roof system

*ThruFlow design allows for maximum light penetration protecting marine life below.

Other Benefits:

  • Save time, energy and the hassle of hooking up the boat & getting it to the lake
  • Close to some of your favorite fishing spots – Hat Island, Houseboat Cove, the Narrows & fish plant release site
  • Closest dock to North Shore Cafe and Marina Store

Call  (209)763-5166 for more information.

Note: Even if you are slightly interested, I highly recommend calling right now to reserve your spot in line. You can always change your mind later, but once the slips are gone, they’re gone. (209) 763-5166

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“Lake Camanche is one an amazing experience. It has everything!”

Boat Rental

You no longer need a friend with a boat. With Lake Camanche boat rentals, we offer a wide selection of boats for all your recreation needs. Whether you are a first time boater or veteran, our boats are extremely easy to drive. After a quick orientation, you will be off enjoying the waters in no time.

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Lake Camanche Boat Rental


Type of BoatFeesMay – SeptemberOctober – April

Fishing Motor Boat
Security Deposit$80$80
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$67$45
Full Day (5+ Hours)$90$55
Fuel Surcharge$10$10

Deluxe Fishing Boat w/25hp motor
Security Deposit$125$125
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$95$65
Full Day (5+ Hours)$120$80
Fuel Surcharge$10$10

Bass Boat | 2-Passengers
Security Deposit$200$200
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$160$160
Fuel Surcharge$10$10

Patio Boat | 8-Passengers
Security Deposit$200$200
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$150$100
Full Day (5+ Hours)$215$155
Fuel Surcharge$25$25

Patio Boat | 12-Passengers
Security Deposit$200$200
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$170$115
Full Day (5+ Hours)$255$165
Fuel Surcharge$25$25

Deluxe Patio Boat | 9-Passengers
Security Deposit$300$300
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$235$235
Full Day (5+ Hours)$285$285
Fuel Surcharge$25$25
Super Deluxe Patio Boat

Super Deluxe Patio Boat | 14-Passengers | BBQ Grill
Security Deposit$300$300
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$340$340
Fuel Surcharge$25$25

50% Off! Senior Citizens or Disabled Rental Rates receive 50% off for boat rental rates. Valid on non-holiday weekdays only. Eligible seniors are 62 years of age or older. No discount rates for party barge or 14-passenger patio boats. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions apply. Please see boat rental team for more details.

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ItemDepositDaily Rental rate 
Life Vest$25$3.50
Ski Vest$25$3.50
Seat Cushion$25$3.50

Boat Towing: $110 per hour (1-hour minimum)

Kayak Rental

Kayak TypeHourlyHalf Day8 Hours
*Most Popular*

Kayak Rental

Lake Camanche offers 4 single and 6 double “sit on” kayaks for those that want to experience the lake at a slower pace. These easy to maneuver craft are fun for both the experienced and the first timers.

Tips for first timers: 

Your weight while sitting on your kayak should be reasonably centered front-back and side to side. Make sure your head is looking where you want to go.

Practicing turning is good for learning to paddle in a straight line. Long wide “sweep” strokes work well. If you want to maintain forward momentum then use forward strokes but if you’re stopped you can use alternating forward and backward strokes on each side.

Forward strokes should all be “from your feet to your seat”. Backward strokes from the stern to your seat.

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“I Just Love It Here…”




Paddleboard Rental

Stand up paddle boards the fastest growing watersport in the world. It’s easy to learn and easy to do. It’s a great full body core workout, and it’s a whole new way to experience the water in the outdoors. People of all ages, skill levels, and experience can be up and riding in no time.

Tips for beginners:

Always start out in calm, flat water. Keep in mind you could get wet. That’s part of the fun.

  • Get the board out into in water so the fin is free from hitting the bottom.
  • Start out on your knees and take a few strokes on each side of the board.
  • Slowly, stand up with one foot at a time and stay in the middle of the board with your feet parallel to the stringer – about shoulder width apart.
  • Keep a slight bend in the knees and your core centered over the board.

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Hourly8 Hours