Water temperatures as of 2/9/14 was 52 degrees and lake elevation was 217.34″ or 18.16″ to spill level.

In preparation of a heavy Spring runoff EBMUD Engineers starting releasing close to 5,000 cubic feet per second from Lake Camanche for flood control of the lower valley. The lake percentage went down to 62% but with the recent storms the lake is quickly coming back up. As of this report Pardee Lake is spilling over and sending 16,385 C. F. S to Camanche which has brought the lake back up to 70% (per cdec.water.ca.gov) within less than a week. With such high flows please be extra cautious out on the the lake. To see the most current information regarding water levels please go to: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES or http://www.ebmud.com/water-and-drought/about-your-water/water-supply/water-supply-reports/daily-water-supply-report/

Friday 2/6/17 Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout with 600 lbs. planted to the pond and 600 lbs. to the north shore boat ramp.  Another release of 1,200 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our Facebook page for the plant update.   https://www.facebook.com/LakeCamanche/ or @lakecamanche on Instagram

All north and south shore courtesy ramps are open at full capacity. 

Please note gasoline is available at the north shore dock for boat fill up.