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As warm temperatures melt the snowpack and Pardee releases into Lake Camanche the water level continues to rise. Pardee Lake is 97% full and is releasing 1,350 C.F.S. as of this report. Camanche is releasing 320 C.F.S. and makes the lake 36.16′ to spill level. (Left) The north shore main courtesy ramps have re-opened due to this increased water level. Both the new covered berth and boat rental docks have also moved back to the cove in front of the store.                                                                                                                                        

South shore low water ramp #2 is closed and #1 low water ramp is opened for launching. 


DSCN6103 (1280x764)The North Shore courtesy ramps are now open.  





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South shore cove 4/3/16


The Lake is making it’s back into the South Shore cove area and should be usable by June if not sooner. This area was actually completely dry due to the drought but is starting to fill back in. EBMUD have contracted out for a new ADA walkway down to the ramp so the race is on to see if they can finish before the water catches them.