Catfish and bass are still the story this week.

Most catfish were reeled in off the south shore Willows Campground and day use areas using anchovies and chicken liver. The bass were caught out by the dam and off the Riverview Campground.



Randy Hall of Valley Springs hauled in 3 nice cats on 9/3 using anchovies out in the main lake. The largest shown here weighed in at 13.35 lbs.








Pictured to the right are the children of Gill Gates of Oakland with his catch from Sunday 9/6 using anchovies off the south shore Willows area. The larger of the two weighed in at 7.33 lbs.


Lake waters remain warm at about 82 degrees near the #3 low water ramp at south shore and the lake is 64.2′ from spill level.

North shore still has 2 courtesy ramps open while south shore has one remaining single lane ramp open. All ramps are concrete at the water.


Pictured below is Matthew Lope with a 5.06 lb bass he pulled in while fishing out off of Riverview Campground on Saturday 9/5 and he said he was using anchovies….










Tom & Aaron

To the right is Thomas Ferreira and Aaron Fury of Orangevale with their haul of bass and one catfish. They were out by the dam on Sunday 9/6 using SU 110 V Joint for bait. The largest bass was 4.56 lbs and the cat weighed in at 5.49 lbs.