SAM_0710Crappie? Did someone say Crappie?

Ty Coutroul, long time angler of Lake Camanche pulled in almost 30 lbs of crappie on Friday 10/23. He noted that he was fishing down the Narrows using a jig. Actual weight of all these crappie was 29.04 lbs. Looks like some good eating!




Carolyn Schmitz of Pioneer was going for bass with rattle traps out neat Hat Island and hooked this 3.6 lbs catfish as well as a couple bass Saturday 10/24.




IMG_3113 (2)


Henry Barner was fooling around when he went after these catfish. He pulled this stringer in on 10/18. He was fishing of the peninsula at north shore using night crawlers. Henry had a total of 36.76 lbs of catfish with the two largest weighing in at 11.32 & 12.52 lbs.




Earlier in the month R. Brockmann shared this picture of his bass on our Instagram page.  R_Brockmann






Lake and pond temperatures are finally starting to cool off. We should be starting to stock the Mt. Lassen trout next week or the week after.  Stay tuned for more information on planting. Like us on FaceBook to get the earliest notification.