YES, we have starting planting Mt. Lassen trout again for a total of 8,100 lbs to date (11/23) and another 3,600 lbs are expected in this week for the holiday.

On Sunday 11/15 we had the pleasure of having the Oro Madre Bass Club from Jackson, Ca on the North Shore.
They had eleven boats in the group, it was cold, rainy, and with a chilly wind most of the day.  A number
of fisherman stated they caught most fish in one to five feet of water and others said fishing was best in
the early morning hours. 12.54 lbs was the winning weight for the five biggest fish and 5.04 lbs was the winning weight for the biggest fish

The crappie, bass and trout have all been hot this week. Bank, boat or pond fishing have see lot of anglers very happy at Camanche lately.

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Check out this crappie one caught by Matthew Rodgers of Sutter Creek. This beauty weighed 2.66 lbs. He was fishing out by the dam using a spinner on Saturday 11/14.







On the right is is Bob Trull of Stockton also on 11/14 with his 2.33 crappie which he caught out by the dam using a bass plug.




Brandon Pekereck was fishing with his buddy and left this report on the online Gold Country Fishing Report.  “Started the day off around 7 am out by the dam and lost two trout right off the get go topwater trolling. Caught three very nice crappie in various locations all on the downriggers. Marked many many fish deep but just could not find the trout bite today. Landed a nice four pound bass on the downrigger right at the end of the day.”

Thanks Brandon for the pictures below!

Brandon P 1

Brandon P2









Mike Dittman's daughter


To the left: Mike Dittman’s adorable daughter with her first trout from the pond on 11/14! She proudly told her dad that she had caught dinner.



To the right is Mike’s catch from 11/22 while fishing out on the main lake. Mike Dittman 2







Lonnie Putz 3

Lonnie 11.21.Lonnie Putz







Above: Lonnie Putz with consecutive weekend 11/14 & 11/21 catches out on the main lake at Camanche. Very Nice Lonnie!
Thomas & Aaron

Here we have Thomas and Aaron of Orangevale with 19 lbs of bass and one crappie on 11/7. They were using crankbait and fishing out by Little Hat Island.




Greg Artiaga 11.11



Sorry I had to cut the head off of this angler who shared his Veteran’s Day catch with us but didn’t give me an ok to use his name and face. Very nice trout from the pond.





Angler Share:

A good method to catch Trout is to file-fish. File-fishing is when you have the weight at the bottom. A foot to about a foot ½ up you will take out a line hook. It will be attached to the main line but on its own separate line outwards from the main line. Use night crawlers, red worms or mini crawlers for live bait. For Power Bait, use the green colored, garlic scented power bait or the yellow colored, corn scented power bait. Trout can also be caught using salmon eggs and casters. Lures will also work especially a Rooster Tail. Fly fishing also does a good job in catching them. A secret is never to use a bell at the tip of your pole. Trout have sharp hearing, and when they attempt to bite your bait, the bell will ring and it will send the noise through the line and into the water. The trout will hear it and they will scatter.