The anglers that did report this week said it’s has been a little slow.
To date: 12/14/15 we have planted 14,100 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout with a total of  4,900 lbs. planted into the pond. We are expecting an additional  1,200 lbs. this week. Check back for details of when and where either here or on Facebook.
 The inflow from Pardee Lake remained at 11 c.s.f. as of 12/13/15  and the outflow from Lake Camanche was 181 c.s.f.  Currently Lake Camanche is 57.32′ to spill level.

Ashley Moreno


Ashley Moreno was fishing the pond with a friend who snapped her picture with her nice looking trout last Saturday 12/12.







Local Greg Moore was fishing the day use area on south shore last Friday 12/11 and reported that nightcrawlers were working for catfish. He also reported that another fisherman was using red worms for trout and had caught his limit on Friday as well.Gregm







Lonnie Putz12.14



Regular Lonnie Putz put in a day to limit on trout at north shore day use. He reported that others didn’t see much action.






Christian Bauer stopped by on 12/10 to have his trout weighed but didn’t have a picture taken. He was bank fishing at the Riverview Campground using power eggs when he landed his 6.27 lbs. trout.

2015 Monster Fish Leaderboard



Mario Castillo 3/3/15 – 15.33  lb. trout

Kevin Record Bass

Kevin Miranda 6/26/15 18.17 lb. Bass

Dustin Peck

Dustin Peck 10/30/15 26.39 lb Catfish










Contest Ends 12/31/15 1:00pm….Can you take the prize from one of these guys?