While some were telling us they were having trouble finding “the bite” plenty others reported they got their share of trout over the holiday weekend in both the pond and lake.



To the left: Christmas Eve catch from the pond by Eric Johnson! Sorry no other information collected on this catch.12.26

To the right: Ethan Doug of Elk Grove also on Christmas Eve with his 6.40 lb. beauty caught on powerbait at the pond.




To the right is a Christmas Day 12/25 catch by Bilal Khan of Stockton at the south shore pond. This beauty weighed 20151225_114139 (672x1120) 8.5 lbs and was lured in on rainbow powerbait with garlic sent did the trick. Caught 3 more on white power egg and  chartreuse power worm combo.








Pictured here is Steve Freeman on the left and Santos Nazario from Roseville on Sunday 12/27/15. Santos snagged the 11.25 lb. monster in the middle. Together their stringer weighed in at 26 lbs. They caught all of these while trolling the Narrows using grubs some on white and the others on orange.


Dan Howard 12.26.1512.26 Dan Howard




Daniel Howard and his girls fished the north shore day use area on Saturday 12/26/15 and caught these 5 trout using “Yellow powerbait, small split shot small trebble hook loooong leader. 4lb test.”





Dan howard2Dan Howard12.27.15


Daniel Howard and his family came back again on Sunday to get 6 more and then got them prepared for dinner.





Bruce Albers



Bruce Albers shared his story on Gold Country Fishing Report and he said he “trolled Lake Camanche today 5 fish, lost a couple all on top 4 with grubs, one on a Rapala. Tough fishing today cold as hell but fun all fish caught close to shore.”


Dave King12.26

Dave King reported that he caught two at the on pond on Saturday 12.26.

Lonnie Putz

Lonnie Putz also reported having a “Tough fishing day at North shore” but still went home with this stringer on 12/26.












DSCN5229 (1280x960)

          It’s finally ready! Call 209-763-5166 for the details!


As of 12/23/15 we have planted 18,900 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout with a total of  5,100 lbs planted into the pond. We are expecting an additional  1,800 lbs this  week before New Years. Check back for details of when and where either here or on Facebook.


 The inflow from Pardee Lake remained at 11 c.s.f. as of 12/27/15  and the outflow from Lake Camanche was 180 c.s.f.  Currently Lake Camanche is 58.51′ to spill level.