The weather has been hit and miss but as Lake Camanche continues to plant an anglers to continue to bring in the fish!

As of this report 23,100 lbs. Mt. Lassen trout have been planted and of the that 7,300 lbs. have been planted in the pond. An additional 1,200 lbs. are expected in this week. Check back on the main page or our Facebook page for the day and time of the plant. 

James Sanchez1.15 (720x960)James Sanchez of Ceres knows how to raise them right. Here he is pictured with his son on the left and daughter’s picture on the right.James Sanchez1.16 (960x540)

James shared his photos with us on Facebook and said “My boy just landed this toad at Camanche pond” which was last Friday 1/15/16.

His daughter followed up with a trout of her own on Saturday.

“We love coming here, the kids stay occupied all day. It’s a good change of pace from the home life” wrote dad, James Sanchez.

Here they are getting the big one weighed in at the south shore store. This 8.50 lb. trout is the first official “weigh in”which puts 11 year old David the on top of the leaderboard for the Monster Fish Contest of 2016. They were using powerbait while fishing at the pond.


Jeremy Womack 1.17 (960x540)

Jeremy Womack shared his picture on FB saying, “Great day this Friday as soon as it got a little overcast caught these and 2 others in about 40 min but only kept what I needed for a good dinner” with family and friends — at Lake Camanche. He added that he was fishing the pond and rooster tail was the way to go.


The fish on crew1.17.16 (960x960)


The Fish On Crew posted pictures of Tram 57 member, Kei Vang, and others and wrote “had an awesome day over at Lake Camanche in Northern California. They’ve got some stringers full of rainbow trout. Man, you guys killed it, Kei. Great job on catching the fish, everyone. Fish on!”

Kei Vang said they were fishing the trout pond using trout traps mini jigs on Sunday 1/17/16.



Nhia Lee posted “Another successful day ” Sorry no other information on this post.Nhia Lee1.17.16 (960x720)






Robert of Stockton was using powerbait to reel in this 6. lb trout on Tuesday 1/12/16 while fishing at the south shore day use area.



Lisa Haines of Escalon hauled in this 5.52 lb trout from the day use area as well but didn’t list the bait she was using.SAM_0732






Westcoast _Sportsman shared this photo of our own local angler Beau Courtroul on his Instagram page from mid last week. He also shared that these 2 hogs weighed a total of 20 lbs. Nice job Beau!


You know the bass guys….although two bass clubs held their tournaments here this past weekend they didn’t release any of the details.



The inflow from Pardee Lake remained at 11 c.s.f. as of 01/14/16 and the outflow from Lake Camanche at 181 c.s.f.  As of the 1/14/16 report Lake Camanche is 60.11′ to spill level.

Covered berth