Although it’s been cold trout fishing has been hot this week out on the lake as well as the pond. Some pond anglers were  reporting catching their limit in 20 to 45 minutes.

Bruce Albers1.3


Bruce Albers reported yesterday 1/3/16, “Fished Camanche today trolled from 8:30 to 2:00 brought home 5 lost 3 all fish on white grubs but one. There were 3 of us fishing all fish and hits came when the sun came out and warmed things up. All on top and I went to a 4lb leader to get them nothing came on 8 or 6 lb. Lots of short strikes so it kept us on our toes !!! When asked what he was using Bruce replied “I caught them on Rapalas one time then grubs the next funny. I was up there New Years day didn’t get there until 10:30 fished until 1:30 two hits 2 fish on Rapalas about froze to death!! Today the water was cold in the am warmed up to 52 then almost 53 after the sun came out that is when we had all the action.”


Phaj Ej Hmoob 1.2

Phaj Ej Hmoob of Sacramento reported on 1/2/16, “Today’s catch at the Camanche trout pond…went thru the gates at 6am and got my limit by 6:45am





Below on 12/31/15 Doug Hunger reported, We fished Camanche yesterday to finish the year off, we ended up with 7 all on power bait including the big fish of 6.6 lbs. We just bait fished all day, seen plenty of people trolling though.”

Doug Hunger 3 Doug hunger 2 Doug Hunger 1.1








Local angler Arnold Padilla pulled in this beauty with a lure he received for Christmas.

Arnold Padilla 12.30






Kevin Goetz & Dustin PowellKevin Goetz while fishing at South Shore with friend Dustin Powell shared this stringer with the comment, “Not a bad day at all!” Sorry no other details were given.






Daniel Howard was using powerbait yesterday 1/3/16 at North Shore bank fishing at day use. Daniel Howard 1.3.

IMG_3529 (2) (960x1280)




Scott Lynch of Sacramento used rainbow powerbait to land this 4.98 lb trout at the north shore day use cove on 12/31/15.


Lonnie Putz reported fishing 6 hours and managed these catch 6 trout at north shore day use on 1/2/16.Lonnie Putz 1.2


Sam 2

Samuel Medina with the New Year’s Day catch out of the trout pond.






It’s not all about trout…

Steven Golding


To the left: Steven Golden hauled in this 8.38 lb. bass while competing in a tournament yesterday 1/3/16 at south shore.


Bass 12.31.15


To the right: Aaron & Thomas of Orangevale with 6 bass they reeled in for Little Hat Island using gizzard shard on 12/31/15.


DSCN5229 (1280x960)

It’s finally ready! Call for details 209-763-5166 today before it’s filled.

As of 12/27/2015 we have planted 20,700 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout with a total of 5,700 lbs planted into the pond. We are expecting an additional  1,200 lbs. this week. Check back for details of when and where either here or on Facebook.

 The inflow from Pardee Lake remained at 11 c.s.f. as of 01/03/16 and the outflow from Lake Camanche was 180 c.s.f.  Currently Lake Camanche is 59.23′ to spill level.