Nice weather, huge pre-holiday 3,600 lbs. fish plant and the long weekend had the anglers out and catching!

Hot spots reported this week were out by the dam, Little Hat Island, Houseboat Cove, down the Narrows and of course the pond. Hot baits reported were mini jigs at the pond, grubs, silver speedy shiners and rapala lures.

Pardee Lake is up to 87%. The release from Pardee was 11 c.s.f. as of 02/15/16. and the outflow from Lake Camanche was at 162 c.s.f.  As of this report Lake Camanche was 59.42′ to spill level.

To date 30,300 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout have been planted at Camanche. A total of 9,700 lbs. into the pond and the rest into the lake. Next week’s plant will be 1,200 lbs. 600 lbs. to the pond and 600 lbs. to the south shore ramp. Be sure to check back here or on Facebook for the update.

Adam Krumm2Adam Krumm posted on 2/15/16 the following post on FB “Made it home from our second annual Valentine’s weekend camping fishing trip at Camanche. Ended up with 11 fish in all between the 2 days, 4 yesterday, 7 today, up to 3 lbs. All caught on top, rapalas and a silver speedy shiner gave us the best luck. Tried to put some stuff down on the wire since we were marking quite a few fish down there, but no takers, all caught on top. Fun weekend scouting fish, caught them several places from the north shore ramp to the damn, no luck in the narrows at all. Saw Arnold of the Gold Country Fishing Report out there working on finding fish both days, wasn’t an easy weekend, but we had a great time. Making lots of progress on the new fish finder I got towards the end of last summer when my old cheap one died, adds a whole new level to it!!! Oh yeah, speed around 2 until the trolling motor died, then it was 3 to 3.4 on the big motor (working in a solution to slow it down some, but it worked today, all 7 came after the trolling motor died).” Pictured to the below is Evelyn Heater-Street who was fishing Adam. Nice Picture Evelyn!Evelyn2.15

Bruce Albers 2.8To the right “A great day at Lake Camanche today started out slow then picked up. All on top one on a Rapala the rest on grubs white and firefighter LOTS of hits. Brought 3 home released 3 and lost 5 they just weren’t hooked to good. This one weighed 5.25.Water temp was anywhere from 54 to 57 in some spots they all seemed to come in flurries” was posted on FB by Bruce Albers.



big bassCheck out this monster! James Vella shared this picture and comment on 2/16, “Was caught at lake Camanche this past Friday 2/12/16 when fishing with my dad. Weighed for a weight of 15 pounds 12 ounces! 28″ length and a 23.5″ girth. This big girl was caught on 6lb test! Also I was lucky enough to capture the whole catch on film so a video will be coming soon!” We can’t wait for the video version James.



Alana Thomas 2.14

To the right: Alana Thomas posted these shots of her good size rainbows caught and commented, “Valentine’s Day fishing date ❤”





Mike Clark single fish

Mike ClarkMike Clark 1On 2/13 Mike Clark posted these shots and said, “Trolled Camanche this morning for about 4 hrs. We picked a nice 16″ rainbow up at the dam, just one more strike there and it died. Picked the other one up at the bank near the north shore launch. Both on broken back Rapalas trolled 3.5 mph. They liked that Fluorescent red Rapala.” Another angler noted that the one on the right looked like an holdover trout.

Mom Ariane Clark reported,  “Mike Clark is the best fishing dad around!!! Teaching our 4 sons how to do it right!” 

Robbie and Kim Dunham reported catching their limit out by the dam on 2/13 and caught another limit on Sunday 2/14 too!!! Below are Robbie and Kim.

2.14 Robbie Dunham

Kim Dunham 2.13







Max Wolfen 4bows .. 2.12


Kevin Ly 2.12Left: This picture is the cutest angler of the week and was share on FB by his day on Kevin Ly on Saturday 2/13. They were fishing at the pond and looks like they were making special memories.

Top Right:  Max Wolfen posted his catch and comment on FB from 2/12 “Yep…and I was there and caught 4 that weighted in at 10lbs…great day on the Pond! Caught them with a Mepps Spinner….good luck!!”

Brent Tracy 2.13

Bottom Right: Brent Tracy’s catch from the pond on 2/13.




Scott Bergenstock


Pictured to the left is Scott Bergenstock reporting a 4.7lbs. today on a broken back Rapala on 2/12. Frank orlando 2.14


On the right Frank Orlando reported on 2/14, “Out fished by my grandson Louis again! 3 pounder caught trolling the narrows.”





Song Vang

Song Vang posted the picture to the left and this comment on FB 2/15,  “Alright Lake Camanche I said I would post
pics up of our next trip here u go… 8 fish total with plenty of sunlight left … mini jigs, black. Crappie jigs tipped with everything and anything the bite was red hot right off the bat… everything was hooking up I’ve seen fish caught on spinners, crankbait, and power worms.



Arnold Padilla & Dennis

Right: Arnold Padilla of the Gold Country Fishing Report with friend Dennis Moore posted their catch from 2/14.




Doug Hunger posted to FB that,”My son, his wife and friend trolled rapalas all day from the launch ramp to the bridge and ended the day with 5 trout, 2 bass and a crappie.  I got skunked bank fishing.” They reported that they trolled from the boat ramp to the bridge. That means they trolled east through the narrow all the way to the Lancha Plana bridge. Nice Crappie Cheyenne! Pictures below:

Cheyenne Hunger2.13

Doug Hunger 2

with Doug Hunger

Hunger stringer

Thank you to all of you that choose to fish Lake Camanche and share your pictures!