We receive the official word from Kent Lambert, EBMUD Manager of Watershed and Recreation that they are expecting Lake Camanche to have both main launch ramps open for the season! Mr. Lambert told me today that they expect to start releasing from Pardee in March but was unsure of the exact date. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the snowpack continues to increase.

Last week anglers were reporting a slow bite but we’re seeing a different story out on the lake this week. Trolling, bank and even kayak fishing paid off in catches for most anglers. Reported water temperatures of 50-54 degrees on top with the clarity being 2′ to 3′ visibility.

As of 02/02/16 we have planted 27,900 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout with a total of 7,300 lbs planted into the pond. We are expecting an additional 3,600 lbs. this week. 1,200 lbs. will be delivered to both north and south shore ramps and 1,200 lbs. to the pond. Be sure to check back here or Facebook for the update. 

The inflow from Pardee Lake remained at 11 c.s.f. as of 02/01/16 and the outflow from Lake Camanche was at 180 c.s.f.  As of the report on 02/01/16 Lake Camanche was 60.88′ to spill level.

DSCN5529 (1024x768)

DSCN5527 (1024x768)These trout and crappie were brought in by a couple of anglers on Sunday 1/31. They really didn’t want to give up their spot but did tell me that they were trolling east of the launch areas.




Doug Hunger 1.30

Doug Hunger and his son fished both bank fished and by boat to enjoy the day together at No name 1.30Lake Camanche on Saturday 1/30/16. They took their boat down the Narrows trolling rapala lures for trout and bank fishing for catfish Doug reported using dough ball with powerbait. (white bread rolled up and using powerbait to make it float)





029 (1024x768)


This very happy cutie is 8 year old Angelo DeVinerizi of Stockton. He was fishing with his dad, Chris on Saturday 1/30 down the Narrows. His largest trout was 6.22 lbs. Nice job Angelo!



030 (1024x768)

These two guys Henry Estorga and Jefa Green rented a boat to haul in this fine looking mixed stringer.  They were fishing off the north shore day use area and reported using rapala. They landed 3 beefy crappie (2 lbs), 1 bass and 2 trout of which the larger one weighed in at 5.96 lbs.



Folsom Bass results



The weekend of the 17th the Folsom Bass team had their bass tournament out here. To the left are their posted results.





Josh Parris 7.6

To the right is Josh Parris showing off his 7.6 lbs. bass. The FB post was on 1/27 but not sure of the date he caught it possibly 1/26. Check out his FB page at bigolpig and a great video at RBbassanglers.



Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez reported taking “Dave Cordova  for his first time trolling at Lake Camanche. Weather was good from 8:30 to 2:30. He caught two trolling a wolly bugger on a fly rod and I caught 1 with a rapala. Good times to be on the water with good people.” They were fishing down the Narrows on Sunday 1/31.





Darren 2

Darren Robinson 1.30 3.5 4Darren Robinson posted these pictures on FB of his fishing adventure from his kayak. He was fishing out between the houseboats off the north shore Saturday 1/30. He reported catching 3.5 & 4lbs. bass using swimbait in three feet of water.


11.8 bass2Ernie Williams submitted this photo on FB of an 11.8 lbs bass caught midweek last week but since I don’t have the angler’s release to show his face I can at least show you this big pig.