The bite has remained strong!

A massive plant of 3,600 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout got planted just prior to the weekend to make for very happy anglers. To date, lake management has stocked a total of 38,700 pounds of rainbows, including 13,700 pounds into the pond.

Lake levels continue to rise as heavy releases from Pardee flow into Camanche. At 98% full Pardee Lake actually flowed over their spillway for a short time last week. Pardee has been releasing at least 1,581 C.F.S. into Lake Camanche and Camanche is releasing only 212 C.F.S. As of 3/20/16 Camanche is 41.64′ to spill level and was 49.11 from spill level a week ago.

Hot spots for trout have been bank fishing off both north and south shores day use areas as well as out by the buoy line in front of the dam, Houseboat Cove, down the Narrows and Hat Island. The pond also continues to be hot with the heavy planting schedule.

DSCN6054 (1280x960)

Hwerman Barba (528x960)


Left Herman Barba and his boys fished the pond on 3/17.  Their total efforts.

Great to see families making memories!




Diana L Stockton


Right: Robbie Dunham of Galt posted this picture on FB of Diana Stockton on 3/19 and said, “Another Awesome Saturday at Lake Camanche… 10 by 11:00 am , Again…” That certainly looks like a heavy stringer!




Anna Krammerer

Jim Rider (221x395)


Left: Another 3/19 FB post from Jim Rider, “Went out on Lake Camanche with Joe Megna to try out his new Fire Tiger Trolling Fly It Worked”



Right: Anna Kammerer was fishing the pond over the weekend and pulled in this beauty. She let us know she was using rainbow powerbait dough dipped in crushed garlic oil.


Tony Martinez (960x720)



Left: Dave Cordova posted this picture and said, “Tony Martinez at Comanche he had a good time got 3 and lost a few at the Meet and Greet”

The Meet & Greet was with Arnold Padilla of the Gold Country Fishing Report held at the south shore Cottonwood Day Use area on Saturday 3/19. (Photos below)


Arnold Padilla's Banner Gold Country Fishing Report 3.19.16 (1280x960)





Mike Clark and his family also made the Meet & Greet but had plenty of time to get in some fishing on the lake. (See Clark’s Crew below)

DSCN6072 (1280x960)Mike and William Clark (720x960)

Clark Crew

Mike Clark (720x960)





DSCN6052 (1280x960)

Sheila Zitzelberger caught this rainbow just after the plant at the pond on Thursday 3/17. Her puppy, Moke really wanted a part of that trout too.




DSCN6056 (1280x960)

DSCN6057 (1280x960)


Left: Waketon Eastman of Lodi was fishing with his Dad on St. Patrick’s Day and landed this nice trout using powerbait at the pond.

Right: Local Don Byrd had a busy morning reeling in these trout from the pond on 3/17/16 as well.


001 (1280x960)DSCN6047 (1280x960)Right: Mike Kiscenko & Eli Indik of Sacramento hauled in this trout and crappie while fishing the main lake on 3/17 using a white tail lure. The trout weighed 3.15 lbs and the crappie 1.17 lbs.

Left: Employee, Beau Countroul caught this bass while fishing the pond on his day off last Thursday. He estimated the weight to be 4 lbs.


Jordan Vito

003 (1280x960)


Left: Benjamin Johnson of Elk Grove brought in this stringer of bass that he reeled in on 3/20 from the north shore day use area. He was keeping a tight lipped secret on exact locations and bait.

Right: Jordan vitro posted on Facebook, “Nice healthy bass in Lake Camanche.”

 Brian Mendenhall (720x960)Brian Mendenhall posted this adorable little angler on FB on 3/19 and said, “We had a great morning on the lake today. My little guy showing off his catch with some help from his big sister. He reeled this trout in all by himself!”