Weather beautiful (check), water level rising (check), good fishing (double check)!  Bass, trout and catfish are the topic this week.

Hot spots for trout were reported trolling out by the buoy line in front of the dam, by the floating restrooms and down the Narrows.  Bass were reported moving to shallow warmer waters. Look for temps at least 62-64 degrees no more than 6-15 feet deep. The south cove is starting to fill which is ideal for the bass, warmer waters and plenty of vegetation. Catfish were reeled in off the day use area at south shore. The pond bite remains hot with the weekly plants.

1,200 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout were planted on Friday with 600 lbs. going into the pond and 600 lbs. into the main lake. To date, a total of 39,900 pounds of rainbows, including 13,900 pounds into the pond. 1,200 lbs. are expected again this week before the weekend.

Camanche lake levels continue to rise as heavy releases from Pardee flow into Camanche. Pardee Lake is at 99% full and is releasing  1,338 C.F.S. as of this report into Lake Camanche. Camanche is releasing only 243 C.F.S. which as of this report makes he lake 38.94′ to spill level and it was 49.11 from spill level two weeks ago.

Taylor's Bass (300x400)

9 yr old Taylor


Mom, Tracey

IMG_4556 (300x400)

Dad, Dave

Cater's Bass (300x400)

6 yr old Carter







Local angler Dave Jans took the time to write up and share his personal fishing report of their family’s spring break 3/22 -3/25 out at Camanche.

“Target Species – Bass, Water temp 62-64, Depths 6-15ft,
Day 1: 8 Fish, 2-6lbs: Some fish are staging at the mouths of coves waiting to spawn and a reaction bite works well.  A couple fish were caught in 10-15ft water with a spinnerbait and others off Senkos.
Day 2: 20 fish, 1-5lbs: Fish are stopping on beds if you can locate 64 degree water with cover and will attack soft plastics that get close.  With the depth changing daily, so do the bed locations and the water temps.  Each day is a new challenge but the bass are ready for the anglers that can find them!
Day 3: 2 fish, 1-2lbs: The water level is rising daily making the lake conditions and locations of fish change with lake level.  Keeping a pattern going is difficult.  The bite was off and few anglers were catching bass.  We spotted a couple fish caught with the largest taken in deeper water off a worm.  Drop shot with 4-6″ worms when the bite is tough.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Steve Leutholtz
RVBridgeman 3.22 (400x300)Greg Mitchell sent these pictures with the comment, “Steve Leutholtz with a beauty! Hope you don’t mind, had to share !”
Steve replied, “My friend Greg Mitchell sent you my picture yesterday of my nice lake trout . He said you wanted info . It was 5 lb and 23″ long . We caught six nice fish . It was a beautiful day on your lake . We caught them on Rapallas”


Dave Jones


Israele-Andrea Rodriguez-DeFonseka posted the picture to the right and commented, “I’m from Fresno, CA. caught it on 3-18 on a Gold kastmaster.”
Left: Dave Jones of Lodi brought in 2 trout and a crappie on 3/26/16. He was fishing out by the dam using rapala. The larger trout weighed 5.76 lbs, smaller 3.4 lbs. and the crappie weighed in at .76 lbs.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Robbie pic
   Right: Robbie Dunham of Galt added this picture on FB and noted, “We caught these 10 Trout today… 3/26/16.”



 Justin Lovell 2 (243x400)Justin Lovell Crappie (225x400)
Left: Justin Loveall of Lodi posted these pictures to FB on 3/22 and said, “Went out yesterday with some friends and ended up with 60 crappie, 7 trout and a catfish.



Greg Moore

Right:  Employee and local Greg Moore posted this picture of his catfish and told us he was using mini crawlers and fishing from the south shore beyond the Eucalyptus day use area.

 Thank you to all that submitted photos and comments for this fishing report.