Heavy rains and wind didn’t keep the anglers off the lake this past week! “The Bite” is still strong on crappie, trout and catfish!

Pardee Lake is up to 90%. The release from Pardee was 1,338 c.s.f. as of 03/06/16 and the outflow from Lake Camanche was at 256 c.s.f.  As of this report Lake Camanche was 51.62′ to spill level. The lake is up over 10′ from the first of February with 3′ of that in just that last week.

Caution: Lake conditions are currently a bit muddy with some floating debris due to the heavy rains last weekend.

To date 33,900 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout have been planted at Camanche. A total of 11,500 lbs. into the pond and the rest into the lake. This week’s plant will be 1,200 lbs. 600 lbs. to the pond and 600 lbs. to the north shore ramp. Be sure to check back here or on Facebook for the update.

Clark boys Mike Clark posted this shot on 3/5/16 with the comment, “We got to the cottage a Camanche about 3:00, got unloaded and then the wife kicked me out and sent me fishing while there was no rain or wind. Launched the boat at 4:15, got the lines wet right away. 5 minutes later it started pouring and SMACK, Fish on! The one in the video, 16″ rainbow. Landed that, reset the lines and hit immediately but didn’t stick then SMACK, Fish on! My 7 year old brought her in but we lost it at the boat. Reset the lines and got another strike but didn’t stick, then the other rod went off. We landed a smaller 13.5″ trout. The rain finally kicked us off the water and I was back at the cottage at 5:10. All that in less than an hour. Broken back Rapala’s pulled 150′ back at 3.5 mph.”

” Morning two at Lake Camanche produced a 20″ and a 17″ before the wind blew us off the water. Again in Rapalas pulled 3.5 mph 175′ back.”

(Videos of are posted on our Lake Camanche FB page)


David Tiner

On 2/29/16 David Tiner posted, “Camanche pond did us good once again! Limit out with a friend! The bite was best before the sun came up on power bait! Then it slowed down, using a power worn with a cast bobber we found a few more to fill our limits!”



Kristina-Keith Melendes


Left: Kristina-Keith Melendes shared this picture and comment on 2/29/16,  Took the family out to Camanche and my 6 year old caught the first and biggest of the few Sunday”






Below: Steve Anderson brought in this unofficial lake record crappie on 2/28/16. The last crappie over 3 lbs was brought in back in 2007 and weighed 3.06 lbs. 

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson2

3.16 Crappie







Steve came out again and brought his girls on 3/6/16 and posted these pictures on FB along with this comment, “Took my girls out for a few hours to find the fish willing to bite. The smiles tell it all! Great times but had to keep safety in mind with lightning coming. Left the fish biting!” He also let us know that he was using grubs and fishing down in the narrows.

Anderson's girls Anderson's girls 2







Right: Adam Haywood of Burson caught three trout 3/6/16 fishing off the south shore day use Willows area. He caught the small ones on corn scented yellow powerbait and the big one on rainbow powerbait.






Matt Browne (3) Matt Browne 2


Left: Matt Browne reeled in this 12.4 lb catfish and 5 lb trout. His bait of choice was chicken liver for the cat and rainbow garlic scented power bait for the trout.



James Murry



Right: James Murry from Camanche hauled in this 10.27 lb cat from the south shore day use area on 2/29/16 using chicken liver.



Tim Barkley



Left: Tim Barkley brought this nice 4.74 lb trout from the pond on 2/28/16. He listed “By hand!” so I’m thinking it was a hand made lure or fly…???



Nicole Duquette



Right: Nicole Duquette of Sacramento was fishing out by the dam when she reeled in this 6.32 lb catfish using worms.


Thank you to all those that submitted pictures/info via FB and those that came up to have your pictures/information taken! Greatly appreciated!!




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