Crappie and trout were the story this week. Crappie were found in the shallows around vegetation. Trout were found off shore at south day use in the cove beyond the boat ramp, by boat and at the pond.

Popular baits for trout were garlic scented power bait, nightcrawlers behind a dodger and rapalas. Crappie bait was not listed.

Anglers have been reporting warmer surface temperatures ranging from 65-69 degrees depending on location on the lake.

Lake Camanche continues to receive large releases from Lake Pardee. At 97% full Pardee and is releasing 1,364 C.F.S. into Camanche as of this report.  This puts   Camanche  33.71′  to spill level. Camanche is releasing 358 C.F.S. into the Mokelumne River and on to the valley again as of this report.

The north shore main courtesy ramps have re-opened due to this increased water level. Both the new covered berth and boat rental docks have also moved back to the cove in front of the store.

1,200 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout were planted on Thursday 4/7/16 with 600 lbs. going into the lake at the south courtesy ramp and 600 lbs. at north courtesy ramp. An additional 1,200 lbs. are expected this week before the weekend.

Jason Singleton 2

Jason Singleton



Jason Singleton posted these pictures on 4/4/16 to FB and commented, “My boy Jase wanted to share his catch from Saturday. It was 24 inches and just over 6 pounds….he is very proud and is having it mounted! We brought home ten trout …all in the 16 to 24 inch range. All were caught with nightcrawlers behind a dodger and rapalas. We were very impressed with the facilities and quality of fish! We will be back for sure….Jason”




Malina Palacios


4/10/16 Malina Palacios posted to FB and Jeremiah Ramirez posted to Instagram this picture. Jeremiah wrote that they were fishing the north shore cove in the rain for 8 hrs & could have pulled in a lot more than the limit.  Marlina commented, “My Dad and Uncle smoked the crappie and a few bonus trout at Camanche yesterday in the rain!.” Sorry no bait listed.










Ricardo Rivas of Lodi fished with his family at the south day use area beyond the boat ramp to pull in these trout using garlic scented powerbait. The largest weighed in at 7.8 lbs.




Timothy Salada



Timothy Salada of Sacramento was out here on 3/23 and brought in this 2.14 crappie that he caught out in the north ramp cove.






Thank you to all those that submitted pictures/information via FB/Instagram and those that came up to have your pictures/information taken!


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