Anglers brought in catfish, trout, crappie and bass this week. Trout were caught in both the lake and pond. Bass and catfish were pulled in from the lake.



Brenna Makiney



Check out this bass reeled in on 6 lb. test! Brenna Makiney shared this picture on our FB page Sunday 4/24 and stated that it took 10 minutes to haul this monster in.

It wasn’t weighed as Brenna didn’t want to risk the life of this beauty to bring it up to the gate. She released it and it swam away. Location unknown….




Below is Sheldon Miller who assisted Brenna landing this big bad bass!

Sheldon Miller (400x400)










Image 1


Ryan Kilm of Wilton brought in this stringer that he caught at the pond using kastmaster on Sunday 4/24.

He later posted,  “using a firetiger gold color kastmaster, a rainbow with silver one, a silver one, gold one, and a silver and blue one. I have had a lot of production of fish with kastmasters.”




Leann-Tom Fronek

Sunday 4/24 local resident Leann Franck shared these pictures on FB. She caught 4 bass using worms while fishing the north shore cove area. The largest weighed in at 4.51 lbs. Below is the picture she had taken at the the north shore store.

Leann Franek









This 5.2 lb. largemouth bass was caught by Matt Brown Jr. of Manteca on 4/16. He was casting StrikeKing shad crankbait off the south show bluffs.




Eddie Abella Jr.



This adorable little angler is Eddie Abella Jr. and his picture with the crappie was shared on Instagram on Saturday 4/23.





Jay Mayberry 4.21


Local Jay Mayberry took a picture of his cat and posted it on FB. He thought it probably weighed 5-6 lbs.


Jacquelyn Lovelace 4.20


This is regular Jacque Lovelace showing off her bass that she caught last week.






Thank you to all those that shared your photos and information.