News from anglers has been slow but fish cleaning stations show a different picture.

Some of our local regular anglers have reported the following:

Below local angler Robbie Dunham of Galt posted these two pictures on FB of the friends that he took out on his boat trolling for trout last weekend. He likes to go trolling between Little Hat Island and the dam. He really knows the lake and usually limits even fishing in the summer when the water is warm.

Robbie . Albriecht (480x360)

8/28/16  Took a Buddy from Work, Let him bring in the first 5 and I brought in the other 3 before he had to Leave!!!

John . Diana Stockton (1024x768)

8/27/16 John and Diana had a great time at Lake Camanche, Reeling in these 10 Beauties… Just Over 24 pounds..









Below local Camanche angler Beau Coutroul told me that he was looking for bass but came upon some nice crappie.

001 (1190x1280)

9/4/16 Beau the biggest crappie of the group










Surface water temps are warm 81- 83 degrees. As of 9/1/16 Lake Camanche was 17.03 feet from spill level. Lake Pardee’s release into Camanche was 320 C.S.F. while Camanche was releasing 249 C.S.F. again as of 9/1/16. EBMUD Water Report