Fishing has been hit and miss at the pond and lake this past week but I guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching…check out what was brought in.



This was my personal favorite shared photo of the week!

Amy Marie Morse posted her picture and comments, “So I normally don’t like to post pics of myself… but I had to do this one.
This was at Camanche using a crank bait. I caught all four, weighed in over 3 pounds each! Oh and I out fished my hubby for once….sorry hum but it must be the pregnant belly luck. By the way I’m 8 months along.”




Mark Derenne of Shingle Springs brought in this nice 5.79 lb bass on Saturday 11/5. He caught it in the north shore marina cove but didn’t list the bait he was using.







Left, danielbryanfishing posted this shot and tagged us on Instagram of the bass he pulled out.

Right, Informative Fisherman, Nick Smith and his Dad, Steve showing off their beauties from last week also shared on Instagram.







Left, Mark Torres and friends of Salida  were fishing out by the dam using rapala for trout last Friday 11/11. Their biggest was 4.82 lbs.

Right are Jim and Gordon of Placerville. They brought in a couple of nice stringers of trout but didn’t get any information on where or what they caught them on.




Ryan Bochmann shared this really cool Instagram shot fishing out in front of the south shore marina.

Below local angler Robbie Dunham and friend shared their story and pictures via FB.  “WOW!!! What a Fun Tough Fishing day at Lake Camanche!!! I had the Girls, Kim & Diana Fishing with me Yesterday… We Started around 7 am… First four or five fish were Bass… Then finally we get a trout… We worked the Dam Area all day… Stayed in the top 8′ with long setbacks… Boxed number 10 at 3:00 pm. Speedy Shiners in all kinds of colors were the ticket. I did for get to put the Ole Koke Machine Limit stick on board, so it’s a photo of the floor board.. Here are some Photos of our fun day…”

diana-3 diana-stockton1 diana2