It’s been a constant flurry of fishing activity out here at Lake Camanche. Below are just some the pictures that anglers shared on social media.


The lake has come up a bit with the warm weather storms and is now at 68%.  Lake Pardee is releasing more water into Camanche at 873 C.F.S. and Camanche only releasing 450 C.F.S. Lake elevation as of this report at Camanche was 215.73  which puts the lake at 19.77′ from spilling. Water temps are also holding between 56-58 degrees.

Left: Ripnlips916 Reported” All fish including the crappie came on #nedrig with green & black flack or with red & green flake #yamaoto #senko.








All north and south shore courtesy ramps are open at full capacity. Please note gasoline is available at the north shore dock for boat fill up. 

Left: Yakin_james added these photos to Instagram.






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Right: Sacramento Lip Rippers

Left: Ram_or_ez reported, “nice crappie and bass last Sunday”






daves-friend-400x300Regular Camanche angler Dave Jans took the time to send a report of his outing last Monday. “Crappie were on fire at nearly every depth from 10-70 feet preferring Speedy Shiners in all colors.  The bite at all depths was irritating some trout anglers who miss the subtle bite on the downrigger and drag the fish around the lake.  Others were happy to take home near limits of the tasty fish. Trout anglers reported scattered trout chasing bright colored minnow patters in chartreuse, firetiger and red/copper down at 7-10 feet.  Most trollers focused on the areas around Hat Island and the Dam.  Some trolled the middle lake following the river bed and the mouth if the narrows. Bass were active chasing soft plastics fished slow around off shore structure from 15-30 feet. Scott Burton of West Sacramento grabbed these two spotted bass around drop-offs and sand hills using plastic worms.  He also reported 8 large crappie while trolling earlier in the day.”




Tom Valente of Acampo caught this very respectable 6.95 lb large mouth bass out by big hat island, he reported using a pumpkin sinko.






Informative Fisherman, Nick Smith was out a few times over the last week with friends Aaron Britt and Matt Frazier. Check out the pics they shared with us. &

nick-steve-aaron-400x225 nick-matt-400x312









Matt Frazier says, “Getting a lot of questions on how we did it! Easy answer, the @gfunkbaits G-Rig combined with @keitechusa Swing Impact FAT 4.3 ‘s is a devastating combo!”







Nick with his cameraman & Dad, Steve showing off  spots weighing at 5.8 lb & 6.07 lbs

Check out Nick’s youtube spot on bass fishing at Lake Camanche.






Alana Garcia shared her fishing outing with us on Facebook. She certainly had a good trip again this week.
















lure-225x400 friend-of-alana-300x400


Alana’s friend Eric Rice with the biggest crappie he has ever caught.

Far right: Take a good look at the lure they were using.







Thanks to all of the anglers that shared their information and pictures for this fishing report.

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