The lake is coming up again with all the rain we received last week as well as from all the run off from the higher elevations. Pardee has had to increase their releases into Lake Camanche. Lake Camanche has increased outflow accordingly. We are currently up to 69% with the lake elevation at 216.57′.

Mt. Lassen Trout made their delivery last Thursday 12/15/16 of 1,500 lbs of trout with 750 lbs going into the south pond and 750 lbs. into the lake at the north shore ramp. We are expecting 3,000 lbs. to be delivered this week with 1,000 lbs to the south pond, 1,000 lbs each to both north and south ramps.

It’s all about the bite again this week! Anglers are enjoying themselves reeling in bass, trout, crappie, catfish and even carp.

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Check out the photos to the left and below that kayaker Erik Martinez shared on Facebook.

“Just wanted to share some catches from Lake Camanche from the past 2 weeks. I’ve had a blast! Each trip easily boating 50+ fish each day.”


erik-8 erik7 erik-9







matt-frazier-400x400 matt-aaron-400x300

Matt Frazier and Aaron Britt were out again last week and found the big girls. Matt said, “This is a ride I never want to get off of! @legitbritt00 and myself were able to break the record @informativefisherman and I set under a week ago! 27.19 lbs. is the new Certified Record at @lakecamanche for a five bass limit.”




Matt Brown Sr.  shared, “My son and I caught them using Rapala Shad raps. We were fishing them about 12 feet below the water’s surface. Caught two bid trout trolling the narrows. The bigger one was lip hooked and I was able to release her. Also got 5 nice Spotted Bass the same day. 12/5/16.




matthew-williamson12-14-300x400 luke-macias-300x400 gregory-macias-12-14-300x400


Left: Matthew Williamson, Luke Macias and Gregory Macias shared these photos on Instagram & FB.








Far right: Dave Sutch, Lake Lip Ripper with a nice crappie shared with us on 12/14 by Jon Lippincott (right) from their trip out on the lake.







Shy guy CRC employee Jack Rathjen’s trout & bass from 12/11.








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Thank you to all those that shared your pictures on social media and allowed us to use them.

Monster Fish Contest Leader Board

16.55 lbs. Trout – Frank Mitchum

8.65 lbs. Bass – Kyle Porter

27.06 lbs. Catfish – Jeff Howard

These guys are on track to win the 2017 Lake Camanche Annual Day Use Pass unless you can bring in a bigger Monster Fish!


Jeff Howard


Frank Mitchum


Kyle Porter