The bite has remained strong for crappie, bass and trout!

We receive a huge fish plant for the holiday weekend! 3,000 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout was delivered on Thursday 12/22 with 1,000 lbs each to the pond, south ramp and north ramp.

With the recent warm weather storms the lake is now up to 70% of capacity .  Lake Pardee at 97% of capacity is releasing huge amounts into Lake Camanche at 1,345 C.F.S. Lake Camanche in turn is also releasing heavy flows into the Mokelumne River at a rate of 1, 461 C.F.S. This larger flow is a standard procedure for flood control for the lower valley. Lake Camanche’s elevation as of this report at Camanche was 217.41 which puts the lake at 18.09′ from the spillway. Water temps was reported as 53 degrees.


Local resident, Ty Courtroul spotted bass weighing in at 6.13 lbs. on Thursday 12/22. He stated that he caught it fishing around a submerged island top and that he was using senko. For those that don’t know this is the biggest spotted bass we have seen here at Lake Camanche and Ty will be on our record page on this website.



Robert Charles Taylor posted his picture and information on Facebook. “Saturday’s trip to Lake Camanche. Still a tough trout bite but we finally managed to get more trout than crappie, and we lost two trout. Found almost all of these on the north/north-west side of hat island. Slow troll .9-1.2 with white grubs/chartreuse egg. On top with planner boards and 5 ft. down on the riggers!”




Local angler, Robbie posted this on FB. “Diana Stockton caught this 6.2 lbs Grubs near the entrance of the Narrows… 12/17/16.




This was another FB post from 12/22: Angler Chronicles’ friend, Vince Borges (Vince Borges Outdoors) had a great day on Lake Camanche, as the Largemouth Bass bit the football jigs, 15lb fluorocarbon leaders, 15-30 feet, on a Phenix Rods & Accessories MBX700MH. Temp of the water was 53 degrees … WTG Vince!





nathan-lenard-300x400 nathan-400x300

Nathan Lenard posted these shots of his trip to Camanche on 12/22 and wrote, “Fished Camanche today targeting crappie on a friend’s boat. Trolled grubs for 21 crappie and one trout. One Bass released. 15-30′ on the riggers. Great day out with Ric and Mike”



mario-castillo-300x400 arlando-300x400These post were shared with us from Instagram from Mario Castillo and arlandoabellafishing. Arlandoabellafishing also posted that they have the lake to themselves on a very stormy Thursday 12/22 and caught 22 lbs which as he put it isn’t a bad day.






Another post from Instagram came to us from jerry_blacktopman spending some time with family.


dennis-crocker4-225x400 dennis-crocker3-225x400 dennis-crocker-2-225x400 dennis-crocker-225x400


Dennis Crocker with Levi Owensby added these photos on social media 12/18.  and added, “Great day. Spots fight hard.”

Dennis added that he was using drop shot and A-rig while Levi was using white power eggs.




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Thank you to all that choose to fish Lake Camanche and to all those that shared your pictures!

2016 Monster Fish Contest Leader Board

8.65 lbs. Bass – Kyle Porter

27.06 lbs. Catfish – Jeff Howard

16.55 lbs. Trout – Frank Mitchum

These guys are on track to win the 2017 Lake Camanche Annual Day Use Pass unless you can bring in a bigger Monster Fish!

kyle-porter-266x400 27-6-catfish-400x300 frank-mitchum-284x400