The New Year has started off strong with trout, crappie and bass being reported.

We received a another big fish plant for the holiday weekend! 2,250 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout was delivered on Friday 12/23 with 750 lbs. each to the pond, and both north & south ramps.

Heavy rains and warm weather will keep Lake Camanche capacity up to 70% or possibly raising higher .  Lake Pardee has been releasing large amounts in anticipation heavy runoff to adjust for flood control.  Lake Camanche has been receiving 1,463 C.F.S. from Pardee and Camanche in turn has also been releasing heavy flows into the Mokelumne River at a rate of 1, 346 C.F.S.  Lake Camanche’s elevation as of this report at Camanche was 217.15 which puts the lake at 18.35′ from the spillway. Water temps was reported as 52-56 degrees.

mrs-lenard-12-31-300x400Nathan Lenard was out with his family and gave us a report of his trip. “Did a crappie only trip today at Camanche with the family. 1:30 pm or 20 fish was our stop time. Started fishing just after 8:00 am. Finished with 20 by 1:10 then we noticed two hitchhiking fish as we reeled them in. 22 fish came home. Best depths were 13-18′. One triple two doubles. Great tasting fish. Great meat gathering trip.”

James Sanchez asked Nathan for his secret which Nathan replied, no real secret. Grubs with a 4′ 10 lb. leader trolling 1.2-1.3 mph. 40 feet setbacks with a fishy scent. Yellow power egg in front. No dodgers. You troll over the schools they’ll come up and fish on.

nathans-son-300x400 nathans-crappie-300x400









father-and-son-300x400Nathan thanks for sharing your great pictures and we love to see families bonding together.







alana-garcia-225x400 alana-246x400


Alana Garcia posted these pictures on Facebook and added, “Last day fishing 2016 was slow but still always fun. Landed 3 trout trolling the top 10 ft with speedy shiners near the houseboats.”







Local Galt angler, Robbie Dunham posted this picture and commented, “Lake Camanche: New Years Eve…7 Trout to 5.6 lbs. Released 3 Crappie, Grubs & Spoons — with Rich Crispi.






William Heiselman add this shot to FB, ” Good crappie bite at Camanche!”


Matt Frazier and friend Jonathon Dougherty came out on New Years day and shared this spotted bass picture.











robert-charles-taylor-400x388 robert-baumert-400x395

Robert Charles Taylor posted these shots of himself and Robert Baumert and said, “Back at Lake Camanche today this time with a secret weapon, Robert Baumert . My brother n law and mentor  he can make magic happen in anyone’s boat. He was the difference, as we were slaying the trout out there today. A few even managed to escape and were spared of the boat bonker! Thanks Robert Baumert for all your help and perfect adjustments! Great times today, the crappie were scarce and trout were a plenty. 5ft deep white grubs, slow troll out in the narrows.”








Jesse Stephens shared this comment and pictures on FB, “Well took my new boat out for the first time on Camanche this morning and we caught 2 six pounders on the south shore, I will def be back in the morning for the holiday!!!”



Adrian Murar of SAC, 1/2/17 using a jig off south ramp.


Robert Mace and pal fishing at Houseboat Cove on 12/31.


Scott Dalton of Auburn with a friend on 12/30 using speedy shiners out by the dam.













R. Lusvardi of Shingle Springs was banking fishing off the north shore day use on 12/30 using power bait to snag these trout.


Thomas Ferreira of Orangevale had a nice stringer of bass and crappie on 12/29 and had been fishing near Little Hat Island using a lure.


Local angler, Craig Plant brought in these 2 nice size trout. Larger one weighed in at 5 lbs. He was fishing the main lake using power bait on 12/29.






















13 yrs, Jason Metro of Stockton brought in this 4.96 lb trout from the pond on 12/30 and list a spinner for bait.


Reid Ross of San Jose pulled in this 4.79 lb spotted bass while fishing the lake using a sinko lure.


Reid Ross with local angler Gene with more bass from the 12/30 trip. They were fishing out by the dykes.













Ellie Marquez of San Leandro was fishing with the rest of the family on the main lake on 12/6 and brought in these nice rainbows using power bait.


Mike “Bassin” shared this photo via social media on 12/29.











Ernie Williams of Galt hauled in this 6.91 lb spotted bass from the main body of the lake using a plastic worm. This is the largest spot we have seen out here at Lake Camanche and he will be added to our record page on our website.