Lake Camanche hasn’t seen much sunshine since the heavy storms of last week but at lease the fishing has been great!

Lake Camanche is currently at 79% of capacity and the water level continues to rise.  The California Dept. of Water Resources is estimating that Lake Camanche is receiving 5,123 cubic feet per second of water flowing from Pardee and releasing 4, 960 CFS. To see the most current information regarding water levels please go to:

Friday 1/13/17 Mt. Lassen release 3,000 lbs. of trout with 1,000 lbs. planted to the pond and 1,000 lbs. to both shores at the boat ramps.  Another release of 1,200 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our FB page for the plant update.


Robbie Dunham (400x300)Left: Regular local angler Robbie Dunham and wife Kim posted these pictures and comment to Facebook:  “Last Fishing Trip for a While…

So me and Kim Dunham decided that Lake Camanche would be the place to Go… After get some inside on the water clarity, We launched at 6:30… It was a bit chilly… So started up the Ole Buddy Heater. First bottle lasted about 1 hr. The Second Bottle about 20 mins. So bundle up Honey it’s going to be Fun. First 6 Fish came pretty quick, then about a 2 hr later for the last 4. So we ended the Day with 2 Limits. No Big Fish today. Who cares, its always fun watching the rod gent bent over… Lol
Two things: 1st I want to Thank Dick Nettell for some great info.
2nd I want to Thank Dennis Wojdac for my brand new Koke Machine Limit Stick…
It was Great to see and Talk with James Brock and meeting his fishing partner (Dave Eirsteadt) today.
Speedy Shiners – Watermelon, Gold, and Red/Gold worked for us. Top 5′ – 2.4 to 2.7 GPS Big Hat Island Area.
Kim Dunham (400x300)

She was Bundled up All Day!! BRRRR!!! So Super Proud of her!!! Launch right in the middle of a BASS Tourn. She handled the boat, Perfectly!!!”

“Lake Camanche 1/14/17 Trout, Had 10 by 1:00pm Speedy Shiners, Top 5′ 2.4 – 2.7 GPS Big Hat Island Area”





Mike Clark (400x300)

Mike Clark also posted to FB on the Gold County Fishing site and reported: Mike Clark2 (400x300)

“Fished Camanche today. Landed 4 and lost a few more. Started pulling orange and chartreuse grubs, the chartreuse out fished orange today. Focused on the North Shore day use area and all the fish came near the island west of the day use area. Took a ride up the narrows but it got muddy and full of debris. All the fish were full finned and looked like holdovers. 1.3 – 1.6 mph and 5 ft down on the riggers. Smallest trout was 18″ and 2 lbs … biggest went 19.5″ and 2.5 lbs. Overall a great day on the lake! Pulling grubs at Camanche, both look like holdovers. Been here 10 minutes”

Kevin Enos (300x400)


Another FB post from Kevin Enos reported, “Caught this nice 5 lbs. rainbow on a firetiger rapala yesterday at Camanche. 2.3 mph on the troll. Thanks for the company Richard Martinez. Got a big one about 500 yards east of hat island.”





Rj Sanchez4 (175x400) Rj (267x400)


“Fished the Big C yesterday with the wife and Big Al daddy. Started out like it was going to be a beautiful day then the fog socked itself in til noon. Water table is just how I remembered Camanche to be. Tons of water!
Started our troll by the house boats. Loads of marks but only a single slab. We made our way toward the river and ping ponged the shelving down to Big hat. Once there we found a flat between Big Hat and the channel and started pounding away. We had a spread from 20-50ft and just chased bait balls. Small 2″ grubs and f-5 Rapala’s were dragged around all over and never changed. The bite wasn’t red hot but the quality of Slabs made up for everything else.
Big thanks to the wifey (below) for maintaining in the chilly weather. She’s a trooper for sure! And the Big homie Al daddy. You know what it is? Love ya brother and thanks again for another successful outing…. <{{{{>{” Thanks for the share RJ Sanchez!

Jennifer Sanchez2 (400x300)

Rj Sanchez3







Santa Clara Bass Busters had their first tournament of the year out here at Lake Camanche. Below are a few of the bass brought in.        










Luke Macias 2 (400x342) Luke Macias (225x400)

Luke Macias posted the following on FB.

Learning from the best. Thanks again for taking me Will Colunga. Both had limits and some nice ones. Once again Camanche, FISH ON!!! #lakecamanche






Adem Cooper 2 (400x225) Adam Cooper (220x400)

Adam Cooper posted these two pictures and said, “Started off my 3 day stay at camanche with a little trout and big crappie. That crazy rig you see is the only thing that I got a bite on. Water gets really muddy past the narrows, hopefully it’s better tomorrow.”





Andre Fontenot (400x300)Andre Fontenot also posted these crappie on FB and stated, “Camanche Yesterday.. Fogged in most of the morning but once it cleared I picked up a fish here and there. Trolled for crappie, 8 in the box plus a bonus trout. Most caught on grubs (trout and one crappie on Rapala), 12′-18′ down, between the houseboats and Narrows.”




Jon Lippincott (400x225) David Sutch (225x400)

Jon Lippincott posted these two shots of himself and David Sutch and said, “Oh yeah. I lost 2 nice ones and David lost a monster 3 or 4 pounder after it broke his 4 lb test right at the boat. Huge mutha”



Brandon Pekereck (220x400)



Woo Hoo! Love the joy in Brandon Pekereck’s face with this monster at Lake Camanche! This picture was posted by Arnold Padilla, Gold Country Fishing