Post storm anglers were anxious to get fishing and last week’s nice California weather accommodated their efforts.

In anticipation of the spring runoff EBMUD is lowering the lake level of Lake Camanche. Currently at the time of this report the lake is at 68% of capacity.   Pardee lake is releasing 1,304 C.F.S. while Camanche is releasing 4,828 C.F.S.  To see the most current information regarding water levels please go to: or

Thursday 1/26/17 Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout with 600 lbs. planted to the pond and 600 lbs. to the north shore boat ramp.  Another release of 1,200 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our FB page for the plant update.

Below: Alana Garcia added these photos of their trip last Saturday 1/28 and her husband Gabe posted, “We fished from 11-3 over by Hat Island. We caught them toplining orange/copper speedy shiners and on a hot steel rapala. 2.5 to 3.0 on the GPS.

Alana Garica 3 (225x400) Alana Garcia5 (225x400) Alana Garcia 2 (320x400)









Alana Garcia (300x400)

Alana Garcia 4 (390x400)









Below: Cynthia Lenard also posted pictures from their family outing last Saturday on the lake. Her husband Nathan commented, “We caught our fish on chartreuse grubs or Pearl grubs trolled at 1.2-1.3 mph at the mouth of the narrows and near Horse Ssland. They were caught from 17-28′ OTW. With a set-back of 45-60′ back. It’s tougher than our last trip (12/31). The water clarity was much better. Then the crappie would look  up and go after your offerings. Now you have hit them just right, all the while knowing your downrigger balls spook them.”

Lenard catch (300x400) Nathan & Natey Nathan










Robert Charles Taylor with his friend Phil posted the pictures below of their trip on Friday 1/27 and said,  “Excellent day once again at Lake Camanche with Phil aka Robert Baumert, the water is clearing up and not much debris on the surface. It took a bit of work today for the catching, but after a bit of persistence we were just one trout short of two limits and caught a couple crappie as well. The trout just kept getting bigger as the day went on. We nailed a double in the narrows and battled several fish getting airborne out by Hat. Lost our biggest at the net and two others early in the day so its not like we didn’t have our chance for 10 trout. Still running the slow troll .9-1.2mph with white grubs.

Robert Charles Taylor 2 (400x300) Robert Baumert (400x300) Robert Baumert 2 (400x300)







Below: RJ Sanchez shared this post on FB and said, “Had the pleasure to fish my boy Justin “MF’N” Jones and my young man Gino Carlo.
We had some motor issues out of the gate. The big motor wouldn’t turn over for some reason. Alright? Been there before. Accept, adapt and overcome! Thank God for the Evinrude kicker and trolling motor. So trying not to let everything impact us we pick up a few Crappie to regain or confidence. Then my young man Gino gets bulldogged by a 3# Trout. He tried his hardest to keep up but he got handled and Justin helped assist in the situation for a combined catch. Truly the moment of the day!!!! Nothing special just various grubs in between 20-50 feet all throughout the lake. Good times shared with a friend who can relate to some of the same passions and fatherhood challenges in life. Definitely one for the memory bank. Now what’s the acronym for B.O.A.T?

Rj Sanchez (272x400) Rj Catch (240x400) RJ 1 (240x400) mini Rj Sanchez (400x240)







Jon & Davex4 (400x400)


Left: David Sutch and Jon Lippincott of  Lake Lip Rippers with a nice catch of Mt Lassen Trout caught 1/28/17. Caught with Bouyant Brand spinners. They listed the main lake for their catches. The biggest of six trout weighed in at  4.71 lbs and their stringer came in at 16.51 lbs.








Right: Paul Costa with his largemouth bass on Saturday 1/28 which he caught out by the dam using senkos. 5.1 lbs. IMG_0257 (300x400)








Lee Yang


Left: Lee Yang of Sacramento caught this bass near the dam on Sunday 1/29 using dark head lure for bait. Lee was unsure of the weight of this monster but it wouldn’t fit in his live-well. He released it back into the lake. Right: Lee got this spot while fishing the dam with Keitech and it weighed in at 5.67 lbs.






DSCN1449 (400x300)

The cutest picture this week goes to Tyler Moua & friends of Sacramento with their bass and crappie caught just off the launch area using a jig on Sunday 1/29.






Thank you to all those that choose Lake Camanche and to those that share their pictures!