We are between storms at the moment and the lake has continued to fill. Since 2/5/17 Lake Camanche has risen from 60% to 91% full and is expected to keep climbing.  The elevation of Lake Camanche as of 2/14 was 230.31 making the lake just 5.19′ to the spillway.  Lake Pardee has been spilling over for better than a week and is still showing at 101% of capacity as of this report.

Friday 2/10/17 Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout with 600 lbs. planted in the pond and 600 lbs. to the south shore boat ramp.  This week’s plant is expected to be a big one with 3,000 lbs. divided equally dropping  1,000 lbs. at the north ramp, south ramp and the south pond before the weekend. Watch our Facebook page for the plant update.   https://www.facebook.com/LakeCamanche/ or @lakecamanche on Instagram.

Lake clarity conditions due storms are murky up the Narrows. Conditions become muddy from the Lancha Plana bridge and beyond. The main lake is relatively clear from ramps to the dam. Be cautious of floating debris.

Between storms the weather was beautiful at the lake so anglers took advantage to come out to enjoy both the fishing and the sun. See below for some of the catches.

Travis Blighton (225x400)



Left: Travis Blighton posted, “Had a good day with my dad and wife at Camanche last Sunday. Caught 4 trout and 4 crappie. White grub slow trolled. Crappie came from the narrows. Trout from hat.”(Hat Island)




Spencer (400x300)



Right: Shawn Duffy posted a picture of his son Spencer, “5# on a blue/nickel Kastmaster. Landed a couple and lost 4. Fun day at Comanche again. #5.1 near the dam. 120′ behind the boat.”




Local Camanche expert Robbie Dunham posted, “Over a Month and I’m going Crazy… So Me and Kim went to Lake Camanche for a day of Trolling… We Launched around 7 am and headed for Big Hat Island… I put the first planer board out and started to put the second one out and I hear the sound of a clicker screaming… First Fish in the boat in about 5 mins… Picked up another one around the Island… There was so much stuff in the water… Logs, Branches, Twigs, Trash and Pine Needles… I was getting tired of cleaning lines… So lets try by the Dam… Picked up a few around this area too… So wonder how clean the water is around Little Hat… Better, caught some fish there too… So wanted to try Big Hat again… Ok this is way to much stuff. So back to Little Hat and the Dam to finish off the day… I brought in the first 5 and Kim picked up with the last 5… Of Course she rubs it in that she landed the two biggest of the Day… 5.6 lbs & 3.8 lbs. Once again she did a great job driving the boat on and off the trailer. Such a HUGE Help…
Here is the good stuff:
Speed Shiners: Water Melon, Copper/Red, Gold/Red, White w/ Red Polka Dots were our bests.
Speed: 2.6 to 2.8 GPS
Scent: Kokanee Feast
Depths: Surface to 7′”

Kim Dunham (320x240) Kim's (300x400)









Robbie Dunham and his friend Dennis were back on the lake 2/15 and got this nice stringer as well. The bigger trout was 5 lbs.

Dennis Robbie & Dennis








Below: Robert Baumert posted on 2/11,  “Got the chance to get out and enjoy the nice weather today with my brother in law Robert Charles Taylor. We decided to work on sharpening up our spoon skills to prepare for the Shasta Kokanee power derby in May. We have been crushing it with grubs on previous trips so it was a little hard to stay committed to our goal. Despite a late starting bass tournament we got on the water fairly easy and set course for the dam area. Once there we got down to business fairly quickly and set out our offerings from surface to 10 ft. We used an assortment of styles and colors until we found a couple needle fish and speedy shiners that opened up the bite for us. We spent the rest of the day between Hat island and the dam ripping lips and filling up the ice chest. Best colors were pink, orange, and copper. Thanks again to my bro for another great day on the water!

P.S.: the fish were so heavy they broke my brothers bragging stick. If you look closely 2 of the fish are on our fingers instead of hooks ”

Robert Taylor Robert Baumert








Below: On Feb. 11 local angler, Nathan Lenard posted, “Fished Camanche with the family today starting at 8:00. Started with a double. Lost one of the two. Had best action out west near the dam. Went 8 for 15 with 3 fish over 4 lbs. two lost close to the boat. Trout only troll day. When cloudy went with 1/6 oz. gold or gold/red speedy shiners. When sunny the 1/4 oz. silver/blue and silver/purple kastmasters. 2.3-2.5 mph. 150′ back on the planer board and 175-185′ back out the sides”

Natey Lenard2 (300x400) Natey Lenard (300x400)









Catch of the day (300x400)

Cynthia Lenard (300x400)










Mike Clark (400x300)

Mike Clark posted, “Grubs got it done again at Camanche! The bite was hot from 8:00 – 9:30 , landed four and lost 4. Then the grub bite died so tied in a Rapala for my last fish.”






Jon (225x400)



Jon Lippincot – Lake Camanche Lip Ripper Jon with a nice bunch of Crappie and trout. Also some small shakers stripers caught from the Port of Sacramento. All Camanche fish were caught with Rapala slow trolling by Hat Island. All crappie and stripers where released without injury. See a cool slideshow of Jon’s pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1521769511413945/permalink/1852006868390206/