Lake Camanche and the surrounding areas are again experiencing major storms. EBMUD, by managing releases took the lake down somewhat by releasing almost 5,000 C.F.S. in anticipation of the next round of heavy releases from Pardee Lake and normal storm runoff. There is a possibility the Camanche could spill if this storm is as heavy as predicted.   As of this report Lake Camanche is 90% full and at 229.68′ elevation or 5.82′ from the spillway.  Lake Pardee is at 100% and releasing almost 4,000 C.F.S. as of this report.

Lake clarity conditions due storms are still murky up the Narrows. Conditions at the Lancha Plana Bridge and beyond are muddy. The main lake is still relatively clear from ramps to the dam. Be extra cautious of floating debris.

Friday 2/17/17 Mt. Lassen released 3,000 lbs. of trout with 1,000 lbs. planted into the pond, 1,000 lbs. to the south shore boat ramp as well as the north shore boat ramp.  This week’s release will be 1,200 lbs. divided equally at the north ramp and south ramp before the weekend.

Watch our Facebook page for the plant update. or @lakecamanche on Instagram.

Steve Her SM


Left: Steve Her of Stockton brought this little cutie with this big “Ol 5.5 lb. rainbow catch from the pond on Sunday 2/19. No bait was listed.








Fernando Solis (400x400)


Right: Fernando Solis posted this cat on social media on Wednesday 2/15 and wrote, “Perfect way to end the night! With this fatty. Probably one of the bigger catfish we have caught!






Robert Charles Taylor (300x400)

Katie & dad Lamar (300x400)


Left &  right: Robert Charles Taylor brought his cousin Don Lamar and Don’s daughter Katie out on the lake on Saturday 2/18 and wrote. “Took my cousins out to Lake Comanche today hoping to get on a few fish before the next storm. It was a slow bite but we managed 7 to the boat, farmed a few but nothing could be better than getting my cousin her first fish, it only took 15 years :-p. We ran from hat to the dam and down the buoy line most of the day. Trolling copper and gold speedy shiners at 2.5 mph.




Jonathan Hayes (298x400)


Jonathon Hays posted this picture on FB saying, “Braved the storm out on Camanche with winds up to 26 mph. Only saw 2 other boats out there with us. The only bite was a 5 pounder on a Rapala on Thursday February 16th.








Steven Ferreira (400x400)

Steve (400x400)


Steven Ferreira posted these shots 2/19 and wrote, “finally got the skunk off. toad status. pics do it no justice.”







Andre (400x286)

Andre Fontenot 2.17







Above: Andre Fontenot posted on  Gold Country Fishing Report commenting, “From Camanche on Wednesday. Couldn’t get a trout bite to save my life. Switched over to grubs for crappies before I had to get off the water early.

Below: Tim & Travis Blighton of Camanche & Lodi pulled in a nice stringer of trout and crappie on Sunday 2/19. They reported finding crappie down the Narrows and trout out by Hat Island.  They listed orange & gold rapala. The Crappie weighed in at 2.43 lbs and is currently on the leader-board in the crappie category for the Monster Fish Contest for 2017.

002 (300x400)