In preparation of a heavy Spring runoff EBMUD Engineers starting releasing close to 5,000 cubic feet per second from Lake Camanche for flood control of the lower valley. The lake percentage went down to 62% but with the recent storms the lake is quickly coming back up. As of this report Pardee Lake is spilling over and sending 16,385 C. F. S to Camanche which has brought the lake back up to 70% within less than a week. With such high flows please be extra cautious out on the the lake.

Friday 2/6/17 Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout with 600 lbs. planted to the pond and 600 lbs. to the north shore boat ramp.  Another release of 1,200 lbs. is expected this week before the weekend. Watch our Facebook page for the plant update. or @lakecamanche on Instagram

Bass, crappie and trout were hot this past week. Check out the pictures and comments below for more information.

Lee Vang (300x400)


Lee Yang of Sacramento hooked this 4 bagger weighing in at almost 20 lbs. on 2/4 fishing an island top using a jig/black.








9.5 bass (335x400)


Steve Vang of Elk Grove brought in this monster 9.5 lbs largemouth on Sunday 2/5. He didn’t give a lot of details but was fishing the main lake using swimbait.

This puts Steve at the top of the leader-board for bass the category in the Monster Fish Contest. Should Steve hold the heaviest recorded bass for 2017 he will win a 2018 Lake Camanche annual pass.








IMG_2039 (1)


Tony Vue from Sacramento reeled in this 7.93 lbs. largemouth using LotoMLM- jig on 2/4 while fishing out by the dam.



Rickie Brown


Social media post: Rickie Brown – “Fished Comanche today (2/1)…the trout were 18-21″….the two of us I think we lost 5 or 6 more.”




Randy Sanchez. pond (400x223)

Randy Schatzle posted his catch on FB from 2/6 of this nice stringer reeled in from the south shore pond and said, “fishing at Camanche pond today. Almost no one there…”



spencer (400x300)



Shawn Duffy posted this picture of his son Spencer and commented, “One of a few caught with a gold speedy shiner. Cripplure shad, and you were working too. At Camanche Saturday (2/4). Didn’t weigh it, but it was 25”.



Below: Cooch’s Fishing posted his report on Facebook of his trip out to Camanche from 2/6. Take lottsa jigs if ya ain’t got 25# Fluoro tied on and plan ta fish the brush! Use a scent, soak them jigs!”

“Took another day off from The River to head up to Lake Camanche, to continue our field testing of the new TNT S20 jig pattern and just CATCH some bass! We didn’t catch any of the bigger fish we’ve been catching up there during previous high sky days, but on this leading edge of a new storm rolling in day, we caught 4 nice quality largemouth ta go with our eight, 2-3 pound Spots. The fish were scattered all over, in 16-30 feet, on the back side edges of ledges and humps with big trees and brush piles. Ya had ta git that jig down in the tree and yo-yo it up and down the limbs ta git bit. 1/2oz Waddas, inside of 20 feet and a 3/4oz Football, both tipped with a Yamamoto 208 Watermelon Red flake Flappin Hog was the ticket. Bob also caught a few suspended spots dropping his S20 Spade worm on a dart head right down on their noses when we could see the arches on his Hummingbird. Camanche is fishing great right now, as are a number of our Northern California lakes. The Delta is fishing really tough right now, it will bust open very soon, until then, ya owe it to yourself to head to one of our foothill lakes and go have some fun!”

cooch 3 (300x400) cooch 4 spot (300x400) Cooch 2 (300x400)

Cooch fishing1 (300x400)








James Sanchez 2.5 (400x225)

James Sanchez posted this picture of his crappie on (2/5) and said, “Did the Camanche thing today, ended with 3 fat trout, 2 crappie & 6 bass. Most everything came on Rapala’s from 5′-20′ CNR everything but 1 trout that didn’t make it. Man they were all fat, eating well. I saw a guy cleaning a spot at the cleaning station, she was already egged up. Did most of that to lol we covered lots of water and tried many things. We probably lost 4-5 other trout. Dude I couldn’t get anything to go on the grubs today it was weird”



Andre Fontenot (300x400)

Cory Bosch (300x400)


Left: Posted by Cory Bosch on 1/30 of Kayden Silva Age 7 of Manteca ca. 3.2 Pounds from the south pond.


Right: Andre Fontenot with a nice crappie borrowed from the Gold Country Fishing Report.





Thank you to all that choose to fish Lake Camanche and to share your photos with everyone!