Although it was close EBMUD & Mother Nature managed to hold off Lake Camanche from spilling by a mere 21″ or so. This year the highest elevation was recorded by the Department of Water Resources at 4:00 pm was on Friday 2/24 at 233.77′ or 97% of capacity. Now that the inflow is less than our outflow the lake level will start to go down again which helps to prepare for the snow pack melt and spring runoff.

Sunshine and calm weather has brought the anglers out for bass, trout and crappie. The water clarity has been fairly good on the main lake with sight down to 4′ to 5′. The river channel is still murky with floating debris west of the Lancha Palana Bridge.

1,200 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout were delivered on Thursday 2/23 with 600 lbs. going in at both the north and south ramps. Another 1,200 lbs will be delivered this week before the weekend.

Stay alert for floating debris while out on the lake.

Above: Cynthia Lenard posted the pictures below and commented, “What a day! We were excited to get out and go fishing after we missed fishing last weekend. We decided to go to Lake Camanche. Started out slow for us. Nothing for over an hour. Natey and I were wanting to reel in some fish. Nate had an idea. He said he wanted to use a certain lure and said he had a feeling it will work, and boy did it! We had a double which was such a blast! I lost one right at the boat and was upset but redeemed myself with a 4.6 pounder! My arm was burning!  Natey also caught a 4 pounder and he was all jazzed!  Even Nate caught some fish. We ended up with 13 fish, lost 3 at the boat and had about 5 other hits and misses” Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Above: Local angler Robbie Dunham was out with friend Diana Stockton and posted this report with pictures.

Lake Camanche
Both are Twins at 5.4lbs
Speedy Shiners

“Had a chance to Fish with Diana on Saturday at Lake Camanche… We dropped in, right in front of a Huge Bass Derby… So we get out of there in a hurry… Set up fishing lines just before Big Hat Island… Got three lines out and working on the Fourth rod, when i hear a clicker screaming… First Fish in the boat… We worked this Area for a while and into the Cause Way for a couple more. Then made the trip to the Dam and picked up one more heading in that direction. Then back to Big Hat, slowed down now. So I decided to make the troll across the main lake to Little Hat. Right out in the middle the planer goes off, lost it at the back of the boat. Then has i was setting the line back out, downrigger set at 4′ gets slammed. I see a big fish behind the boat. Diana is up, she fights this big ole fish like a pro. Netted the 5.4 lbs. for her. She was yelling and screaming, just like the clicker… Lol then we head towards the dam and across the buoy line for nothing. Then has we get about 3 hundred feet from the buoy line, the same rod gets slammed again… I see another huge fish… Diana, you want another, No you take this one… Fight this big ole brute, slid the net under it. Can you believe, the exact same weight as her fish. So with two 5.4’s in the boat we were pretty happy. We stayed until 4:30 and ended our day with a total of 8 fish, on the ole Koke Machine Limit Board. We should’ve been done a lot earlier. I think these Trout think there Steel Head… We had a couple of them, Jump at least 4′ in the Air. Thank You Diana for joining me for another awesome day at Lake Camanche… Here are some Photo’s to enjoy…

Steve Freeman & Dave Alexander of Folsom brought in this mixed stringer on 2/25. They were fishing Houseboat Cove and using orange grub.

Scott Bergenstock posted, ” Today on speedy shiners”

Robert Murray, #bert_will_rise_again.

Salvador Vazquez posted, Camanche has some big ones. Check it out. Almost as big as this log.

Dana Crull of Orangevale 2/22 Hat Island on Rapala 5.52 Lbs.

Tim Hutchins posted these picture to FB and said, “Camanche and it is full of water and the fish are biting”

Above: Sean Case posted on the Gold Country Fishing pictures of himself with friends Daryl White and Nicholas Conrad when they came out to Camanche a couple times. Sean said, “Great day today at Camanche. Killed it & Great day with good friends. He also posted that they had been using dropshot.”

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Thank you to all of you that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share their information with pictures!