Continued warm temperatures and clear skies made for another great week of fishing!

With no rain in the forecast for a while EBMUD water managers continue to work hard at bringing down the lake levels of both Pardee and Lake Camanche’s in anticipation for the spring runoff of the Sierra snowpack.  Pardee Lake at 99% has stopped the uncontrolled spilling but is still releasing approximately 3,557 C.F.S. Lake Camanche continues to release close to 5,000 C.F.S. bringing the lake down to 86% full or  226.37 ‘ elevation as of this report.   For the most accurate up to date elevation information go to

Thursday 3/9 Mt. Lassen Trout dropped 1,800 lbs. of rainbows with 900 lbs. going to the pond and 900 to the north ramp. This week we will receive 1,200 lbs. of trout before the weekend. As of 3/9 we have had total of 37,650 lbs. of trout planted with 13,350 lbs. going into the pond.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share your pictures/information!

Randy Pringle, The Fishing Instructor Guide Service wrote an interesting must read article on fishing Lake Camanche on Click to read.  “Lake Camanche, it’s not just a name, it’s an adventure…HA HA!”

CHECK THIS OUT! Nick Stepps  of Herald brought in this huge 3.88 lbs. crappie on 3/11/17.  He listed location as north shore and was using swimbait. This puts Nick on the top of the leader board in the Monster Fish contest. If this weight hold through December 31, 2017 Nick will win a 2018 Annual Day Use pass!

Below: 12 year old Cianna Perkin of Linden stopped in on Saturday 3/11 with her 5 lb. trout & 2 lb. crappie. She was fishing out by the bridge using a white jig.

Below: Jon Lippincott was out this week and left this message to other anglers, “Try slow trolling 1-2 mph with Rapala no. 7 with red belly around Hat island. I just use a 3-4 foot leader attached to barrel swivel and try to keep the bait swimming and moving different direction during the troll by moving rod tip position and occasional jerking of bait to simulate sporadic swimming pattern. I hope this works as well for you as it does me. Good luck”

Below: Nathan Lenard posted to FB, “Fished Camanche again for early quick action. Caught 9 trout toplined until it slowed down at 9:30. Fish were caught on kastmasters in gold/black and silver/purple. Had 2 bites on a rainbow speedy shiner also. The bite died for us after the slight wind died. It was forecasted to pickup as the day went along but it went the other way. Totals were 9 fish, 3 lost close to the boat and 3 other bites. Good day with the family.”

Below: Mark Shek of Redwood City shared his photo and info on FB as well saying, “Weather was awesome today at Camanche! On the water at 7:40 am. Within 10 min before getting to Big Hat. A trout hits the planer board. A little over 3 lbs! Trolled Big and Little Hat and Dam. The bite died after and started to pick up again at 3 pm till we left. Fouled hooked a trout and buddy landed a big trout at 4 lbs. 3 trout and 6 Crappie and lost one. Off the water 5:30 pm. Spoons and rapalas worked for us. ”

Below: Kevin Craddock with brother-in-law Veron Salm were fishing off the north shore bank on Thursday 3/9 brought in this 9.6 lbs. cat using using salmon eggs and a marshmallow on a trout hook. Kevin commented, “I thought for sure she was going to straighten the hook.” It’s still early in season but currently Kevin is at the top of the leader board in the Monster Fish Contest under the catfish category to win a 2018 Lake Camanche Annual Day Use pass.

Below: Josh Lerche aka, @jlerche1246 shared this photo with us on Instagram and said, “Got on a bunch of these spots again, best day of fishing in 2017 so far! With day light savings just around the corner can’t wait to get some more time on the water.”

Below: Alex Navarro of Herald brought in this 5.49 lbs. bass caught at south shore on 3/11/17. No bait was listed.

Jesse Vargas posted this picture of his dad and wrote, “Pops was trolling top water at Camanche yesterday and sent me this pic…
Nice catch…! just under 4 lbs, caught using a needle fish on lead core line around 10 ft. deep”

Adam Krumm shared his catch in FB and commented, “Got the lines in the water about 8:15, pretty steady action so far. Rappallas for sure, way back on top. Can’t get a trout to bite, but gonna have a nice fish fry with these Crappie.”

Below: Jesse Kelly added these photos to FB and said, “Had a good day out on Lake Camanche with Richard Rodriguez. Looks like they were fishing close to the Lancha Palana Bridge.

Rod Littleton with a nice crappie!Rod Littleton (298x400)

2017 Lake Camanche Monster Fish Contest Leader Board

Nick Stepps – Crappie 3.88 lbs.

Kevin Craddock – Catfish 9.6 lbs.

Frank Mitchum – Trout 6.85 lbs.

Steve Vang – Bass 9.5 lbs.