The spring runoff of the Sierra snowpack is keeping EBMUD busy draining down both Lake Camanche and Pardee. Pardee actually rose this week up to 96% with runoff from the last couple of storms while Camanche dropped down to 75% or 220.89′ elevation. For the most accurate updated elevation information go to

Friday 3/24 Mt. Lassen Trout dropped 1,200 lbs. of rainbow trout with 600 lbs. going to the south lake and 600 into the south pond. This week we will receive another 1,200 lbs. of trout before the weekend. As of 3/24 we have had total of 40,050 lbs. of trout planted with 13,950 lbs. going into the pond.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share your pictures/information!

Below: Central Valley Anglers held their Spring derby at North shore on Saturday 3/19. Local angler Robbie Dunham and Dennis Wodac of Lodi took the first place prize. Biggest trout weighed in at 5.37 lbs. and top 3 trout 9.97 lbs.

Holly & Jim Kelly of Santa Clara brought in these 3 lb & 2.51 lb trout on Sunday 3/26 using kastmaster lure while fishing the south cove.

Above: Justin Winter fishing with his dad, Greg and girlfriend Karlee on Sunday 3/19 added these pictures to Facebook.

Left: 10 yr. old Kyle Looper of Elk Grove with his 2.93 lbs. bass caught with a worm in the main body of the south shore cove on Sunday 3/26.

Right: Bill and Mabel of Ione brought in this very respectable 7.67 lbs. largemouth bass using a crappie jig on Sunday 3/19 at the marina cove.

Left: Via Instagram 13 year old Nicole, aka nbs_fishing added this great picture of her, cute friend and her two rainbows caught at the trout pond Saturday 3/25. No bait listed.

Miguel, aka ripnlips408 posted the picture to the right and commented, “Lake Camanche trout and crappie. not bad for a few hours of fishing. #crappie #trout #lakecamanche#phenicrods”

Right: Fred Libby of Sacramento was out on 3/23 and hauled in this 7.94 lbs. bass using a crappie kicker in the marina area.

Right: Tonya of Clements caught this 6.67 bass in Camper’s Cove off the Peninsula Campground using a rapala spinner on 3/20.

Frank Marty of Stockton was using a shad lure to bring in this 5.59 lbs trout and a couple crappie on 3/19.

Above: Erik Martinez, aka kraken_yakin posted these shots of his trip out to Camanche 3/18 and commented, “Had a little fun @lakecamanche. Lots of #largemouth #spottedbass #bass of all sizes. Cruising the shallows. Found a few beds in the backs of clear rocky coves with nice fish in them. Water temp 68.6 degrees. #spring #jacksonkayaks #bassfishingismylife #releasethekraken.” He also posted that he loved the structure at the lake.

2017 Lake Camanche Monster Fish Contest Leader Board as of 3/20/17

Nick Stepps – Crappie 3.88 lbs.

Casey McCoy – Catfish 10.25 lbs.

Frank Mitchum – Trout 6.85 lbs.

Steve Vang – Bass 9.5 lbs.