Warm temperatures with lots sunshine brought the anglers out for crappie, trout and bass this week. Lake water clarity has been getting better everyday working it’s way back up the Narrows but with impending rains foretasted and Lake Pardee still spilling into Lake Camanche this will change again soon.

EBMUD water managers are working hard at bringing Lake Camanche’s water level down from 97% on 2/24 to 91% by 3/5. They will continue to drop the lake level as much as possible to prepare for the spring snow-pack melt. Elevation of Lake Camanche at the time of this report was approximately 230′ with an outflow of 4,967 C.F.S. and inflow from Pardee at 2,534 C.F.S. For the most accurate elevation information go to http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES

Thursday 3/2 Mt. Lassen Trout dropped 1,200 lbs. of rainbows with 600 lbs. going to the pond and 600 to the south ramp. We will receive another 1,800 lbs. expected some time before next weekend.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share your pictures/information!

Below 12 yr. old Aiden Boyd from Roseville brought in this nice 2.35 lb. rainbow on Saturday 3/4 listing that he was fishing out by big Hat Island. No bait was listed.

Below Andre Fontenot was out on 3/2 and posted his comment to Facebook, “Lake Camanche.. Tough bit early, stuck around and started getting a few. First time toplining for trout, screaming drags, line peeling off the reel, a rush! Kastmaster and Yozuri got the ‘bows and Rapala’s and grubs hit the crappie. Got em around Big Hat. Speed 2.5”

Below Kevin Wilson shared his trip out on Lake Camanche and commented, “2-16-17, Took the wife on her first trout fishing trip to Camanche. Launched from the North shore right behind the Mike and Kristy show. We headed straight for Hat Island and set out two rods on side planners and two OTW at 5 ft. We put out Two Captain Ken’s Slim fast spoons and two Captain Kens Flutter spoons. We started out trolling at 1.6 mph early and we picked up four trout but lost two of them on the SlimFast spoons. Later we put out and longer set back and sped up to 2.6 mph and picked up three more fish. Two of those on Ken’s Copper/chrome hammered Flutter spoon and the other on the Slim Fast spoon. The fish where 20,16 1/2, 14,13 and 16 inches. The 20 incher was 6 lbs and the 16 1/2 incher was 3 lbs on the Boga grip. The water was 5 ft clear with very little to no junk in the water and was 50.8 when we left at* 1:47 pm.”

Below Scott Key also posted on Gold County Fishing Report the following, “Took my son and his friend to Camanche yesterday 1 trout 9 crappie released 4 because they were full of eggs , speed 1.8 7′ deep on plainer boards fire tiger Rapalas was the ticket.”


Below Jon Lippincott shared, “Nice big crappie caught 3/3/17 by Camanche Lip Ripper Jon. Caught with a yellow Rapala with feather leader trolling long line.” &  “Nice bow caught 3/3/17 hinged Rapala number 7 slow trolling long line.”

Below, Josh Lerche aka @jlerche1246 posted on Instagram , “Finally got my butt out to Lake Camanche and caught some of these beautiful spotted bass everyone has been talking about!”

Below, another Instagram-er Jesse Barnett, aka @jbarnett commented, “Took the boat out for its maiden voyage @Lake Camanche had a tough day but managed to land a few decent 2 lbs.’ers also got motor “break in” done.

Below Adella Perez with her father-in-law, Michael Millus posted these photos on FB saying, “We were going for trout but we got BASS”

Regular Frank Mitchum of Elk Grove brought in this stringer with the largest trout weighing in at 6.85 lbs. He reported that he was fishing the main lake and using speedy shiners on Wednesday 3/1.