Bass, catfish and trout have all been shared by both bank and on the water anglers for this report. Out by the dam and Hat Island were successful spots for trout while the narrows and island tops were reported for bass. The lake has been busy with anglers that came out to pre-fish this week in anticipation of the Future Pro tour Central Region taking place this Saturday 5/6.

With the warmer temperatures Pardee Lake is back up to 98% while Camanche is down to 68% or 215.97′ elevation as EBMUD prepares for the spring runoff. If temperatures remain warm it won’t be long before Pardee starts to spill into Camanche again. For the most accurate updated elevation information go to

Monday 4/26 Mt. Lassen Trout dropped 1,200 lbs. of rainbow trout with 600 lbs. going to the south pond. 600 lbs. also went into both the south lake at the boat ramp. This week we will receive another 1,200 lbs. of trout before the weekend.

Pictures to the left: The 3rd Annual Children’s Fishing event held last Saturday 4/22 at our south shore Children’s Pond was lots of fun for the kids as well as the parents. These are just a few of the lucky anglers that walked away with their share of the trout.

Our thanks to EBMUD, CRC and residents of Lake Camanche who worked and volunteered their time to make this event a successful reality.

Right: Local angler Robbie Dunham was out at Lake Camanche on 4/23/17 and posted the following, “Fished with Kyle Murphy of DFW. We landed these 10 Lassen Rainbows. Speedy Shiners Top 20′ Dam to Ramps over River Channel…”

Tristen of Folsom brought in this 4.48 lbs. bass on 4/30 that he snagged ban fishing off the shores of Blue Oaks Campground using a sinko lure.

Above are some of the shots from the Yak-A–Bass tournament held on Saturday 4/22/17.

Local angler Robbie Dunham was out again on 4/29/17 and posted this report of his trip with his friend Diana Stockton. He wrote, “All I can say is: WOW!!! I have been a huge Farmer Lately… We had 23 Grabs today… We just couldn’t keep them on… Ended up with 11 That shook the hook… We did Box 9 Lassen Trout. BIG One weighed in at 5.3 lbs and the other was 4.10 lbs. Of Course it was Birthday Girls to catch both of the Big Fish… We also Released 3 Bass…
Lures: Speedy Shiners
Depths: 15′ to 35′
Set backs: 100′ to 150′
Scent: Kokanee Feast
Fish: 9 in the Box
Speed: 2.7 to 3.0 GPS
Area: North Corner of the Dam, Big Hat Island”

Left: James Snyder, aka yakin_james posted this picture of his crappie and wrote, “slabs on slabs on slabs”

Left: James Estes posted as @norcalirebels on 4/20 of his nice bass.

Vinny and Eren of Castro Valley were out with the family and reeled this monster 12.7 lb. catfish along with a couple others on Sunday 4/30 using liver.

Wesley Jones, aka @pokerfishin on Instagram posted this 21.5″ bass and commented Stud I caught on a Azmanfihingproducts chatterbait with a @yamamoto_fishing Zako trailer while prefishing for the  @yakabass tounament.

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