Cooler weather and Pardee Lake spilling colder water into Lake Camanche has made it possible to receive a large plant of Mt. Lassen trout sometime before the weekend. We are expecting 3,000 lbs with 1,000 lbs each going into the pond, the south lake and north lake at the ramps. Planting on the last week of May will depend on water temperatures. We will keep you posted.

Pardee Lake is at 101% full and spilling over into Lake Camanche.  Camanche has begun to slowly refill again.  Elevation at the time of this report was at 217.53′ and 70% full. Warmer temperatures forecasted for this weekend could have Pardee spilling more which will bring Lake Camanche up faster. For the most accurate updated elevation information go to

It’s been all about the bass this past week with only one trout angler reporting in.

Left: Benjamin Johnson of Elk Grove out with family on Saturday 5/13. They were bank fishing but listed no bait. Total weight at 6.72 Lbs.

Right: Reggie Sanchez posted this picture on Facebook May 8. He posted that he was fishing by the dam.

Retired local and angler, Michael Leong posted these two shots on Instagram and wrote Using @rickscustombaits top water action was on this morning @lakdcamanche.

Left: Zachary Prieto shared this shot on Instagram on 5/14/17 and said, “Today’s catch can definitely get used to Sunday’s like this.

Right: Juan Padilla posted this shot and wrote, “The brother in law and I left them biting! Lost count of the amount of fish caught today my thumbs are torn up!” Juan let us know that he would be back out on Thursday for another update.

Left: Josh Lerche was also out on Sunday 5/14 posting these bass on Instagram. He stated, ” Well Pardee was a bust this morning, 2 dinks in about 4.5 hours so I headed on down the hill to Camanche and she did not disappoint. Probably caught 75-100 today just throwing jerk bait.”

Right: Joe Langhans was in a great mood when he posted these two beauties on Sunday 5/14/17. He wrote, ” Good top water bite from sunrise to about 1 pm.

Left: Another Instagram post was made by Jack Chastain stating, “Yesterday(5/14) @lakecamanche them @triggerhappycomfortgripps saved my finger from gettin a bad blister, I was throin a jerk bait all day!

Right: Enrique Morales posted this good looking bass on Facebook on May 9th. He commented that he was fishing around the Rabbit Creek area.

Ted Lincoln shared this shot and wrote, “Good day of #norcalbassfishing with @justin_zumbro at #lakecamanche got 3lb., 4lb., and a nice 6lb.all on a sallow lip #strikekingcrankbait #tedlincolnlife.”

Left: Gilbert Major of Dublin brought this 7.53 lb. stringer of trout in on Saturday 5/13. He wrote stated that he was fishing off an island using rapala.

Thank you to all of you that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share your pictures with us!