The weather has been crazy hot and back into the 70’s in a week’s time. Pardee Lake continues spilling over their dam. This colder water is making it possible to for Lake Camanche to receive yet another large plant of Mt. Lassen trout sometime before the holiday weekend. We are expecting 3,000 lbs. with 1,000 lbs. going into the pond and 2,000 lbs. to the north lake at the ramp. This will be the last plant of trout until the water cools again in autumn,

Spring runoff has Pardee Lake 101% full. Lake Camanche is continuing to slowly rise.  Elevation at the time of this report was at 218.04′ and 71% full.  For the most accurate updated elevation information go to

Left: Local angler Robbie Dunham brought his friends out  to Lake Camanche Sunday 5/21/17 and reported – Trout Speedy Shiners 25′ to 40′ 2.7 to 3.0 GPS Little Hat – River Channel

Right: Fishsniffer was out on the water this week and posted to Instagram and Twitter, “Limits of crappie for us at Camanche this morning.”

Left: Instagramer, Tvalente posted a picture of his dad commenting, “Another great day out fishing with my dad. Another 6.15 lb. hope to break that 7 lb. mark soon!” He was using #swimbait and #jackalllures.

Right: Josh Lerche posted this shot on social media on Saturday and wrote, “When you show your co-worker how to slay them basses out @lakecamanche.

Left: Juan Padilla posted this photo last week via Instagram and stated, ” Lake Camanche did not disappoint once again! Pops and I smashed some good ones today.”

Left: These are a little muddy…..Kevin Jenkins posted his picture via Facebook and said he was fishing the pond using rainbow powerbait to catch this stringer.

Right: Mar Rojas also posted this stringer via FB but didn’t leave any additional information.

Left & right: Justin Zumbro posted these pictures on Sunday 5/21/17 via FB and added, “Caught fifteen fish on Friday including this 5.6 lb beauty.”

Left & right: Kayak angler, Jose Soto posted both of these pics on Instagram of his personal best 6 lb. 7 oz. and said. ” A pic of today’s hogg I caught at Lake Camanche. I love this place!!”

Above: Local resident and Lake Camanche angler, Mike Leong posted these pictures on Instagram of nearly wearing his thumb off while going after the bass. He listed #rickscustombaits.

Below: Mike also posted these pictures of a monster catfish while bass fishing and wrote, Now this was a fun fight on 6 lb. test line. He also told me that it weighed in over 14 lbs.

Below: Rickscustombaits posted these pictures on Instagram on Wednesday May 17th. He wrote the following, “Great start for the season! Water temp is 70 and the clarity is good.” Looks like he even got some crappie.

Looks like he was back up this week too and posted his “photo of the day”, “Research and development! Great day at Lake Camanche! The water is warm and the fishing is hot!

Below: Informative Fisherman, Nick Smith posted these two shots of himself and his cameraman Dad, Steve while going after crappie. He wrote, “Smashed the slabs at Lake Camanche today!’ As well as, “My dad with a Lake Camanche monster slab! On the @biwaa_usa 3.5″ TailGunR and 8 lb. Plinefishing tactical fluorocarbon.”

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share their pictures!