We had lots of recreational boaters with the unofficial start to summer this Memorial Day Weekend but anglers were still able to get their bite on.

3,000 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout were delivered last Thursday 5/25 with 1,000 lbs. going into the south pond and 2,000 lbs. going into the lake at the north ramp. Trout plants will be suspended until the fall (Oct. or Nov.) when lake water temperatures cool down again and the trout can be planted safely.


Pardee Lake is still at 101% of capacity and spilling into Lake Camanche. We are receiving approximately 3,233 C.F.S. from Pardee Lake. Lake Camanche is releasing 3,600 C.F.S. Camanche as of this report is 71% full.  For the most accurate updated elevation information go to:  http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES

Mario Castillo posted to Instargam stating, ” It’s an addiction to fishing. A really good day on the water with over 40 fish caught.”

Local angler and Camanche expert Robbie Dunham posted the following to Facebook.

Another Awesome Day at Lake Camanche…May 27th

John and Diana had such a great time last week, They said “Let’s Do It Again” Lol
Ok, We started in the same place. We Kept our 15 Lassen Rainbows. Also released a few. We thought it was going to be a Zoo, but hardly any Lake Lice. We stayed down between Little Hat and the Dam. We finished up around 2 pm. Heading back to the Ramp. Was a few more skiers (wake boarders) near the Ramp. When we got to the Ramp, Only two boats, Awesome!!! Easy In and Out. Learned a few new words today… If anyone can help me with these two for sure!!! First Word: Purpleler. John said, that lure looks more purpleler than the other one!!! What? Second Word: Mental Pause. Diana will explain this Word…. Thank You John and Diana for yet another Awesome Fish Catching Day on Lake Camanche… Until Next Time…. Robbie Diana John (Koke Machine)…

Rick Novotny of #rickscustombaits posted this picture and said, “Catch, photograph and release into the deep fryer! #rickscustombaits

Justin Zumbro posted to FB on Friday May 26. “best day fishing ever! Caught a 5.1 lber off the south lake boat ramp, then a 7.62 lber, 3.5lb, 3.3 lb and 3.2 lber out on the lake! Total of 25 bass caught and released today!”

Above: Frank Orlando also posted to Facebook and wrote, “Slammed some slabs today at Camanche lake. Fish fry tonight!” He replied back to a fellow angler that he was using Micro twister tails in motor oil color.

Below retired angler, Michael Leong posted these shots to Instagram. He mention top water action using #rickscustombaits

Leann-Tom Fronek posted this picture from 5/27. “Bass 3.9 Lbs! Caught and released at North Shore 5/26/17. not to shabby!”

5/29 Pro Matt Frazier @undercoversportmans posted this picture on Instagram and wrote, ” I couldn’t go the whole holiday without getting on the water. Little morning session a Camanche! Still has em!” @mercurymarine @ biwaa_usa @dmcustombaits

@rustyfishes posted this interesting picture to Instagram saying, “but who doesn’t have a big appetite tho? that’s a 9” swimbait!