Lake Camanche is quickly refilling again with the spring run off! Pardee Lake is still spilling and is still at 101% of capacity. Camanche is receiving approximately 4,046 C.F.S. from Pardee Lake and which has brought Camanche up to 74% of capacity. Lake Camanche as of this report was 221.14 elevation and 14.36 feet from spilling. For the most accurate updated elevation information go to:

Fishing has been awesome out on the lake for bass, crappie, trout and and even catfish. Anglers have reported trolling for trout out by the buoy line was excellent. Bass and crappie anglers were fishing all over the lake and up river looking for those underwater islands with vegetation.  A 15.11 lb. catfish was brought in using chicken liver but the location wasn’t shared.

Above local angler Mike Leong shared these photos on Instagram this week. Left was his biggest of the week, second Mike posted that this guy wanted Top Water Bait. Next was Mike 2 best of the week and last he posted, “things you catch while bass fishing!” Thanks for sharing Mike!

Jose known as @Otterbox_76 on Instagram posted this cool shot and wrote, Chunky spot. 6/3  #misslebaits #misslebaitshockwave

Below Nick Smith, @informativefisherman posted these photos on Instagram. @biwaa_usa 2plinefishing @evloutionbaits @rat.l.trap @luckytacklebox @yellowbirdfishing

Local angler Robbie Dunham posted the picture to the right on Facebook and said, “Lake Camanche 6/7/17. What a great Morning!!! Robbie, Sabrina & Kirby. 15 Lassen Rainbows by 11:55 am.”

Devon, aka @sfg209 look real happy when posting this on Instagram.

Right: Dave Jans of West Sacramento spent his birthday June 8th out on the lake. He reported that he conservatively caught 25 – 30 bass while out on the lake and here’s one of his bigger catches of the day.

Left: Matt Frazier, aka @frazierluckfishing was out to Camanche again going after the big ones. He posted this one writing, “Biwaa 3” Ultra Hog on shroom head put the hurt on them today!!! 23lbs. for the best five with this 5.2 oz. kicker spot! You gotta check outhe attention to detail @biwaa_usa puts into their micro baits! @undercoversportsman, @shimanofish @ stcroixrods

Letf: @undercoversportsman, Matt Frazier with Dave Jans.

Thursday 6/8 Dannie Lazano reeled in this huge catfish weighed in at 15.11 lbs. This puts Dannie on the top of the leader board in the monster fish contest for 2017. Dannie didn’t disclose the location but did offer that he had use chicken liver to catch this beast.