EBMUD managed to keep Lake Camanche from spilling over once again and saving the lower valley from flooding. Lake Pardee has finally stopped spilling over their dam into Camanche from the spring runoff. Lake Camanche is currently 93% of capacity with an elevation of approximately 231.70′ while releasing approximately 1,700 C.F.S.   For more information you can go to: http://www.ebmud.com/water-and-drought/about-your-water/water-supply/water-supply-reports/daily-water-supply-report/

Please note that the high water means that the ramps are a little flatter as it nears the top of the ramp and may be a harder to launch bigger, deeper boats.

Gasoline is available at the north shore boat house dock.

Garrett Paz posted the 4 photos above and the one to the right on Facebook.  He wrote, “For the last 2 months we have been catching close to or over 100+ fish a day this was our latest trip on June 29th.” His comment regarding the picture to the right was, “Saturday July 8th 6 lbs. Caught on a swimbait.” “Wish I would have sent u pics since the beginning of the year. We have been catching bass crappie and catfish consistently we love Camanche!”

@dblj66 posted these shots to the left and right to Instagram on Monday 7/3 writing, “Some fish from Sunday.”

3 pictures above (on 7/4) and 3 below (on 7/9) were all added to Instagram by @tvalente74. He commented, “@lakecamanche didn’t me and my dad down today! We caught a lot of good fish and I got my first double!” On Sunday 7/9 he added, “My best day yet on Lake Camanche 19.12 for 5 fish with a 6 lb. kicker.”

Al Sanchez of Sacramento brought in this chunky crappie 2.71 lb. on Friday 7/7. He didn’t list the location but wrote he was using orange grub.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share their fishing pictures.