Lake Camanche is currently 91% of capacity with an elevation of approximately 230.58′ while releasing just under 900 C.F.S.  Pardee Lake is releasing just over 800 C.F.S. Reports from anglers has the lake between 80 – 84 degrees. For more information you can go to:

Not too many anglers reporting this week. Trout and crappie have been reported out by the dam and Big Hat Island 30′-40′ down trolling. Bass anglers reported small bass under a pound fishing areas with vegetation reveling low water.

Left: Dmoney Saechao posted this shot of these bass on Instagram from July 12th.

Left & right: Dave Jennings, aka, fishing_california_with _dave ( Posted these shots from 12/15 and wrote,  “Slow day today. Rick (right) caught a decent size bass and I caught a mid size crappie. The rest were small bass under a pound. Good Times” #bassfishing #bass #outdoorlife

2017 Lake Camanche Monster Fish Contest Leader Board

Nick Stepps – Crappie 3.88 lbs.

 Dannie Lazano – Catfish 15.11 lbs.

Frank Mitchum – Trout 6.85 lbs.

Michael Orchard – Bass 14.1 lbs.

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and to those that share your photos!