Lake Camanche came up to 97% of capacity but as releases into the lake slowed the lake has gone back down to 96%. Pardee Lake is still spilling over and releasing as of this report.  Lake Camanche’s elevation is approximately 233.34′ and releasing approximately 2,400 C.F.S.  . For more information you can go to:

Please note that the high water means that the ramps are a little flatter as it nears the top of the ramp and may be a harder to launch bigger, deeper boats.

The 4th of July weekend has slowed the reports of fishing. See photos shared by anglers below:


Bradley Fuller of Mokelumne Hill shown here with his friends brought in this 4.96 lb. bass on Monday 6/26. He listed green swim bait and was fishing campers cove.

Right: Justin Zumbro was out on 6/23 and posted this nice size bass and commented, “4.75 lber from today, among 20 plus other bass.” The three shots below are from Justin’s return trip on 6/30. He also commented, “Caught twenty bass plus these 2 nice ones yesterday!” & “Caught a nice 4 lb largemouth today, was hiding in the muddy water.”

Juan Padilla aka, @oj_padilla also posted to Instagram this shot and said, “Lots more fish then I caught yesterday…good thing my wife can catch em! 50 fish days never get old especially when she is doing 90% of the fish catching!”

Rick @rickscustombaits posted these pictures on Instagram of his trip out on July 1st with his friend, Russ Sampson @fr3assneaks67. He wrote, “Another great day on the lake. Water temperatures ranged from 80-85. The water was clear except where the shores were wind blown there were mud lines. Most of the fish were caught in 3-20′. Lots of fun!”

Russ Samson on the right got the big one on this trip.

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday!

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those who share your pictures!