Lake Camanche has slipped down to 89% this week with releases from Pardee Lake again almost matching Camanche’s releases. Elevation of Lake Camanche is approximately 229.39′ at the time of this report.  Pardee is releasing 812 C.F.S. into Lake Camanche while Camanche is releasing approx. 902 C.F.S. Surface temperatures are also remaining warm with reported temps between 80 – 84 degrees. For more detailed information regarding releases please go to:




Right: Local angler, Robbie Dunham posted these trout and listed the info below:

Lake Camanche 8/1/17
Is on FIRE!!! Trout everywhere!!!
Kept these 5
Speedy Shiners
40′ to 45′

Left: Jon Lippincott posted this shot to Facebook and wrote, “This is the quality of Crappie caught at Lake Camanche” on August 3rd.

Right: Jon Lippincott also posted this shot of his friend Dutch and said, “Huge 5.71 pound CutBow Trout caught
David Sutch of #camancheliprippers

Left: Stan aka stanthefamilymanca posted this shot to Instagram last week,commenting, “Couple good ones from #LakeCamanche #river2sea

Right: Blake Fortuno aka _42no posted this big old cat to Instagram said, “Camanche you done did it again!” No other information was listed.

Below the 5 pictures were also posted to Instagram by @onlybassfising who wrote, “Day of the hogs@lakecamanche. 15 fish by 11am. #bigbaitbailey #ricopoppers”

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