Happy Thanksgiving!

Pardee Lake rose from 93% to 96% due last week’s rains. Lake Camanche’s elevation increased slightly to approximately 217.47′ and still holding at 70% full at the time of this report. Lake Camanche was releasing 499 C.F.S. and was receiving approx. 492 C.F.S. from Lake Pardee again at the time of this report.

For the most up to date information you can go to: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES

At 61 degrees the surface water temperatures are still pretty warm. The lake hasn’t turned over yet which is making for a tough bite.

Mt. Lassen trout made an early delivery this week on Tuesday 11/21. They dropped 4,800 lbs. splitting the load 3 ways with 1,200 lbs. to the pond and both north/south ramps. We will receive another load this week of 1,800 lbs. next week.  On 10/27/17 we started planting and have dropped 17,400 lbs. since that first drop. FISHON!

Below: Saturday 11/18/17 Nick Smith, the “Informative Fisherman” held his 3rd IF’MAS derby and party at the lake. Started off a bit foggy but cleared quick enough for lots of fun & prizes for both the kids and adults.

IF’Mas weigh-in- recorded weights from the pan fish, bass and trout derbies.

Will Bryant (3) 5.76
Janice danyl Williams (5) : 7.74

0. Brandon sr, Brandon jr, Amanda, gave paferic : trout: (4) 10.24

Hood/toutolmin (5) 8.31
Mendez/Bedali (5) 7.91 (trout) 4.81
Kuppens (3) 4.55
Adrian Herrera (trout) 2.82
Leach (tout) 7.22
0. Featheroff (trout) 6.78

Jason Michaels (4) 7.08
Vanier (2) 4.93
Baumbach (trout) 4.37
Rory Higon (5) 8.28
Barnett (5) 9.37
Matt Mareno (5) 8.38 (trout) 5.13
Ken Mah (5) 11.33
Juan Acosta (5) 10.19
Mayville (5) 8.22
Ruben Ruiz (trout) 2.54
Gomes (5) 9.50
Cox (2) 5.07
Welson /wills (5) 6.45
Shirk (5) 8.13
Case/Schaffer (3) 7.93
Travis (1) 3.6

Rick Henderson (4) 9.21
Vanuberg (3) 6.67
Hughes (5) 7.87
Smith (5) 8.78
Bradley Cameso (trout) 2.52
Jason Barofka (5) 13.40
Louie (5) 7.30

1 & 2 Justin Tyler Hurny (4) 8.86 (panfish) .87

0. Favero (5) 10.30 (trout) 5.50

Myers (3) 6.70
Josh Paris (4) 8.23
Evoln (5) 10.08
Bruno Hernandez (4) 4.69 (3.24)
Barker (4) 8.43
Coleman (5) 8.28
Justin Castillo (3) 3.76 and Team LTB (4) 7.02

Left: Matt Frazier wrote, “Another IF’MAS in the books! No one creates excitement for his young fans like Mr. Nick Smith . He’s such a good hearted guy and his fans love him! Rightfully so! Good work boys, tonight was a big win for the fishing industry!”

Right: Some of the pros sharing stories and techniques.

Cover and left: Mike Clark posted to Facebook in the Gold Country Fishing Report, “These boys had an awesome day at Camanche! They wanted to do a shore fishing/trolling day and take turns on the boat. We got three trout pulling plugs fast then switched to grubs and got 3 or 4 more. They got another 3 or 4 from shore using green power eggs. All at the north shore day use area. They were tired, muddy and happy by the end of the day.” Family memories are the best! Thanks for the share Mike!

Both left & right: Camanche regular, Matt Browne Sr. emailed these shots and wrote, “Got most of them out by the bridge and main lake flat drop-offs. Had a good week of fishing.” He also wrote, “Caught them on a few baits, weightless Pearl Blue Back Flukes, 4″ Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbaits and Spoons.”
Thanks Matt!

Right: Undercover Sportsman, Matt Frazier with his little cutie and big bass at weigh in at the IF’MAS derby/party.

Left: Wesley Jones, aka @pokerfishin posted this shot on Instagram and commented, “Wasn’t the best day of fishing, but my 2 fish were good enough for 4th place! Thanks @InfromativeFisherman for organizing #IFMAS at Lake Camanche!”

Left: Nick Smith wrote, “Congratulations to Adrian & his partner Darrel! They won the boaters bass tournament at IF’mas this last Saturday. The story of how he caught this 9 lb. slaunch is almost unbelievable but 100% true! Adrian seen this giant follow his bait out during practice. The next day during the tournament they struggled to find a few decent fish. They went back to the spot that fish was spotted and two boats were sitting in the way. Adrian asked them nicely if he could just make one cast? The boaters agreed, so Adrian picked up a 8” Huddleston swimbait and made the cast! This freak sized grandma bass ran out and completely destroyed the bait!!!”

 Left: Marty Covey posted this shot of his catfish on Facebook Sunday November 19th while bank fishing at the lake. 

Right: Albert Sanchez, aka @albertsanchez717 posted on Instagram, “Tough bite, but we found em! #largmouthbass #lakecamanche #IFmas2017.”

Left: Luke Macias, aka @you_stole_my_story posted on social media this trout from the south pond and wrote, “Had a bunch of follows but only one taker.”

Right: Adrian Murar, aka @adrian_Murar_fishing posted to Instagram, “Camanche is producing in a big way once again! 18 pounds for 5!”

Left: Local Camanche angler Robbie Dunham was out with his friend and posted, “Lake Camanche 11/22/17, John Stockton and Myself, Grubs”

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and for those who share their pictures!