Lake Camanche’s elevation was of approximately 217.21′ and 70% full at the time of this report. Releases have slowed down to approx.370 C.F.S. Lake Camanche was receiving approx. 292 C.F.S. from Lake Pardee which was 93% of capacity after the rains, again at the time of this report.

Surface water temperatures are still pretty warm in the neighborhood of 63 degrees. Still waiting on the cooler weather to help get the lake to turnover.

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Just in time for Veterans Day 3,600 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout were delivered on Friday 11/10. The load was split with 800 lbs. to the pond and both north/south ramps. We will receive another load this week of 1,800 lbs. sometime before the weekend. 10,800 lbs, have been planted since 10/27/17 with 3,600 lbs. to the pond and the remaining 7,200 lbs. to the lake.

Right: Matt Frazier aka, @frazierluckfishing the Undercoversportsman/Bass Pro Shops was back to out to the lake on Friday 11/10 and wrote, “Playing in the rain at SLAMMANCHE!!!”

Left: Ethan Duong, aka ethanthefishhunter posted on Instagram, “Having so much fun fishing @lakecamanche on #veteransday” Ethan was fishing the trout pond and reported using salmon roe for bait.

Left & right: Jesse Barnett, @jbarnett_ posted these shots with his pal, Buddy and wrote, “Took Buddy fishing up at lake Camanche. Catching trout on wacky senko’s. #dogsthatfish.”

Left: Austin Splaine, aka @austinsplaniefshing, posted on social media this picture of himself and Juan Acosta, @lobinapro and said, “Changed it up and went out to the lake with @lopinpro and got it done! #spottedbass

Right: Local angler, Tom Valente aka, @tvalente74 posted this bass on Friday 11/10 and wrote, “Me and @jbarnett_ caught a few chunks today @Lake Camanche.  #catchandrelease #burkebaits

Left: Jake Salinas of San Mateo was with his Dad, Gerry Salinas fishing on Veterans Day 11/11 and brought in this stringer of trout. Biggest was 4.19 lbs. and total stringer weighed in at 11.09 lbs. He listed speedy shiner for bait and trolling location as Big Hat to the dam.

Another Instagramer, Erik Martinez aka, kraken_yakin commented, ” Had a chance to go out today with @yakin_james and @teejaxon for a little scouting @Lake Camanche. The bite was slow for the most part aside from #dinks and decent lost kitty fish I caught on a #luckcraft pointer 100dd. I’m so ready for the ice cold winter fishing so these lake bass will school up again.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and to those that share your photos!