The Department of Water Resources has Lake Camanche back up to 72% and Pardee Lake down 95% full. Lake Camanche was releasing approximately 340 C.F.S. while receiving approx. 1,171 C.F.S. into Camanche at time of this report. Lake elevation was 218.50′ as of 12/10. One angler reported temps dipping down to 56 degrees out by the Lancha Palana Bridge and 58 closer the north ramp.

For the most up to date information you can go to:

Mt. Lassen trout farm made their delivery on Thursday 12/7 dropping 1,800 lbs. They split their load with 900 lbs. to the pond and 900 lbs. to the south ramp. We will receive another load this week of 1,800 lbs. sometime before next weekend.

Left: @dblj666 posted to Instagram this double shot and wrote, ” Fish and cool beers @lakecamanche with @fishstix024 #catchandrelease.”

Right: Regular Camanche guest and angler, Shelia Zitzelbuger sent us this shot of local angler Beau Countoul from the trout pond on Tuesday 12/5. Speaking with Beau he told me, “I was throwing a crankbait. A special not yet on the market yet crankbait.” He thought this catch was in the 6 lb. range. Hopefully at a later date when this crankbait is on the market I’ll get that info for you.

Pictured 3 above & 3 below: Nathan Lenard was out with his wife and son on Saturday 12/2. He shared these shots and terrific report on Facebook. “Had another another great day with the family fishing Lake Camanche for trout. Started off fast with 5 trout. Slowed a bit. Then they started biting again. Ended up going 13 for 17 on trout up to Natey’s 5.6 lbs fish. Had two doubles. Gold kastmasters and gold speedy shiners 4 ft down on the riggers. On a turn where I got too shallow the planer board looks to be stuck on the lake bottom. Natey is really trying to get it up. Then I hear “Dad I need your help it’s stuck.” I try to pull it out maybe thinking we’ve drug bottom. Bottom starts fighting back. Then another rod goes off and Cindy is on it. I pull in finally what’s about a 7lb channel catfish on a kastmaster. Cindy gets her trout. So it was kinda of a double. Gave away 7 of 13 fish to a family who rented a boat. Nice day on the water.”

Left: Mar Rojas shared this on our FB page and said, “I was using orange with black flakes crappie jig and got my limit. This was the big one of the day, I had my electronic scale handy and it weighed 6lb 1oz.”

Left & right: Trenton Paulo was out at the pond and posted these shots on December 7th.

All pics to the left: Jay Cutty, aka jaycutty_1ner on Instagram posted these shots and commented, ” Getting into trout fishing…lost a 10 pounder. Catch and take home.”

Right: John, aka @johnny_darko posted this nice stringer from the south pond on 12/9 on Instagram wrote, “Bruh can slay em” He also wrote that they were using , “The bait the worked was power eggs. All colors worked.”

Both left and right: Matt Brown Sr. emailed me these pictures and wrote, “Got a few hours of late afternoon fishing in on Friday December 8th. Water is cooling down 56° out by the Bridge but Bass are still schooling up and moving. Caught these bass and several others using a Blade Runner spoon.”

Best regards and happy holidays.
Matt Browne Sr.

Left: This shot was also from Instagram. James Snyder aka, @yakin_james commented, Chunk! Thanks to @kraken_yakin for the photo.” On this same post @Yakin _james wrote, “The Lake hasn’t turned over yet and it was a grind.”

Left & Right: Deanna shields, Bob Yates posted these shots on FB on December 4th.

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