Lake Camanche continues to slowly fill receiving approx. 771 C.F.S while only releasing 344 C.F.S into the Mokelumne River. Lake Camanche is still at 72% but at 218.99′ elevation as of this report.

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Mt. Lassen trout farm made their delivery on Friday 12/15 dropping 1,800 lbs. all to the north shore ramp. The temperature was taken at the ramp at the time of the drop and was reading 56 degrees. Further upriver the temps are a bit cooler the closer you get to the release waters from Pardee. We will receive another load this week of 2,400 lbs. sometime before next weekend.

Right: Local angler and Camanche trout expert Robbie Dunham posted this shot of his friend Jeff Geiszler and wrote, “Lake Camanche!!! Me and Jeff Had an Awesome Morning!!!! 10 Trout Grubs – Narrows Area!!! 12/13/17.”

Left: Sara Nece posted this photo on Dec 10th and listed she caught her 10 lb catfish on a anchovy.

Above: Mike Clark shared this photo of his son on 12/14.

Above: Mike Clark wrote, “Trout fishing is doing great at Camanche.”

Above: Also from Mike Clark, “3 of 5 Trout today had rubber worms in the belly …. hmmm ….”

Right: Instagramer @adrian_murar_fishing posted and commented, “Camanche is tough right now but man has it been producing good fish!”

Left: Josh Lerche aka, @jlerche1246 posted on 12/9 and commented, “Got a nice big one today at the lake. Been awhile, almost forgot what these big gals look like.”

All four photos above were emailed to me from Matt Brown Sr. He wrote, “Started Friday the 15th off in foggy haze then afternoon sunshine and a beautiful sunset. Plenty of largemouth and spotted bass still biting but moving deep. Caught lots of fish on flutter spoons and deep drop shot.”

Left: Tom Valente, aka @tvalente74 on Instagram wrote, ” My Pop’s showed me he’s still got it today @lakecamanche. #catchandrelease

Both left & right: Gabe Garcia posted on 12/10, “Solid bite at Camanche this morning! Limited out in about an hour trolling speedy shiners! 2.7 to 3.0 GPS.”

Left: Teena & Arnold Padilla of  Gold Country Fishing Report posted, “A little tougher today, water to calm lol but we had a good day no matter.”

Left & right: Erik Iverson posted these shots of his crappie and commented, “Solo trip to lake Comanche today. Tough bite but did finally meet Arnold Padilla and Teena Padilla. Caught my personal best crappie. Fished from 10:45 to around 2:45 pulling grubs.”

Left: Deanna Shields, Bob Yates posted on FB 12/10 and wrote, “Took my dad out today and we landed two nice trout @ Camanche Reservoir out by the dam. 🎣”

Left & right: Resident Dennis Sharp was the only one to enter his cats in our residents’ only catfish derby this morning 12/17. The largest was 7.52 and the smaller was 2.22. The high wind advisory might have been working in Dennis’ favor as the other contestants didn’t show.

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