Lake Camanche is still holing at 72% with an elevation of 218.94′ while receiving approx.  C.F.S and releasing  C.F.S into the Mokelumne River. 

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Woohoo!!! Full truck for Lake Camanche!! Mt. Lassen trout farm made their delivery on Thursday 12/22 dropping a total of 4,800 lbs which was split 1,200 lbs. to the south pond, 1,200 to the south ramp and 2,400 lbs. to the north ramp. That’s a total of 27,600 lbs. since we started planting!

The temperature was taken at the ramp at the time of the drop and was reading 56 degrees. Further upriver the temps are a bit cooler the closer you get to the release waters from Pardee. We will receive another huge load next week of 4,800 lbs. sometime before next weekend. Happy Holidays!! 

6 lbs caught on White Grub near Hat Island on 12/12/17.”

Above: Sunday 12/17 Nathan Lenard was on a family fishing outing with wife, Cynthia and son Nate and posted this report to Facebook, “Bite for us changed fishing Camanche since last we’ve been there. The gold lures shut down right after the sun hit water with all the sunlight and lack of clouds. We went 8 for 12 on kastmasters and speedy shiners. Surface to 4′ on the rigger with two doubles. Natey got the largest fish at 5.1 pounds. Cool crisp day with the silver blue kastmasters and rainbow speedy shiner the best.”

Left & right: Mike Clark posted to Facebook on Monday 12/18 and wrote, ” I took my oldest boys Jacob & Aiden to Camanche today and they had a blast!! Took about 3.5 hours to scratch out two limits. All I did today was pilot the boat, these guys did the rest!”

Left: Local lifelong Camanche angler Beau Courtroul reeled in this 8.5 lb. beast this morning 12/21 at the trout pond.

Local trout expert Robbie Dunham was out with his friend Terry Grimes (pictured) on Tuesday and reported, “Lake Camanche!!! Speed Troll 12/19/17,
Speedy Shiners / Kastmaster / Rapalas still working…Big Hat Area!!!!! 2.7 GPS, Caught a few and released a few…”

Above & below: Yakin_James, aka James Snyder posted these shots to Instagram and wrote, “ Picked up a nice spot! Wish u had a scale I’m guessing 4+ it was super fat. You won’t believe me how I caught it so I will keep it to myself” He also wrote, “ Nom nom nom they were loving the ned rig with the new @robowormusa” as well as bottom left, “Spots are always so much fun to catch. These little dudes are like bulldogs.” Bottom right: Yakin_james, “@firerebel45 with solid largemouth today at Lake Camanche. Can’t wait for more of these trips always a lot of fun with my fishing buddies!

Left: @tryhardfishing_chris posted to Instagram yesterday this great shot and commented, “Been a busy couple of weeks, haven’t had much time on the water. Looking forward to getting back out there and sticking some winter pigs.


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