Happy New Year!

Lake Camanche inched up to 73% with an elevation of 219.15′ before dropping back down to 72% with an elevation of 218.90′. Lake Camanche is continuing  to release approximately 336 C.F.S into the Mokelumne River. Pardee Lake was still showing 95% full at the time of this report.

For the most up to date information you can go to: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reservoirs/RES

Mt. Lassen trout farm delivered for the second week in a row 4,800 lbs. last Friday 12/29. The load was split 1,200 lbs. to the south pond, 2,400 to the south ramp and 1,200 lbs. to the north ramp. That’s a total of 32,400 lbs. since we started planting! We are expecting an additional 1200 lbs. sometime today 1/4/18.

Left & right: Brandon Goldberg, aka goldy_fishing posted both shots on two different occasions and wrote, “Kysen begged to head to Lake Camanche this evening…Caught an release the only fish!” 12/15/17   “Kysen with a Donkey Slab” 12/21/17 Great job Kysen!

Right: Tony Teo posted this shot to Facebook on Friday 12/22 and commented, “Jade’s first catch of the day!!”

Left: Our resident Trout Whisperer, Robbie Dunham posted his stringer  on Christmas Day and wrote. “Another Awesome Day of Trolling Grubs. 1.5 to 1.7 GPS Narrows, Here are the 5 I kept…” 12/25/17

Right: Kevin Goetz posted to FB on 12/22 and wrote, “Great day of fishing at South Shore Day use with Dustin Powell.”

Left: Scott Key shared this shot on FB on Sat.12/23 and wrote, “30 feet on silver yozuri, More Slabs Today at Camanche.”

Three pictures above: Brandon Pekereck made 2 post to the Gold Country Fishing Report on 12/27,

“Hit Camanche the last two days with my buddy Jeff (Valentine). The bite was not easy and we had to work to catch the fish. Most of our fish were caught in the narrows slow trolling grubs. Fire tiger seemed to be be the ticket at around 1.5 mph on the downrigger at about 7 feet. We also landed a few using laser minnows with various colors on top. Good sized fish and very nice quality, lots of good fighters. Ended the two day trip with 8 fish total which isn’t bad. I’m sure as the weather gets colder the top water bite will continue to improve. Also got to see Mike Clark out on the water on his birthday 🎂. Always a great time, happy New Year’s 🎉 everyone!

My buddy Jeff (Valentine) and I went today and man we had a tough time getting in the fish. He hooked up quick on the down rigger trolling mini grubs but it popped off quick. We didn’t get another bite for quite a while on grubs again. We ended up landing three fish and lost I believe four. Started picking them up on laser minnows towards the end of the day. All fish caught in the narrows. Headed back tomorrow to try a different spot and different baits.

Above: Mike Clark shared these family moments on FB and wrote, “Took Grandpa for an afternoon trip to Camanche today. We fished about 4 hours and put 7 in the boat, lost about as many more. Odd bite today, first it was the rods with sliding sinkers, then they died and the planer board went crazy for the next few fish, then it died and the rods on the down riggers got the last few.” 12/27/17

All 3 pics above and right: Nathan Lenard posted these shots to social media and reported, “Enjoyed the day with the family on Lake Camanche. Had an active day for sure! Had maybe 25-26 bites (we lost count) and lost about 9 fish, some right at the boat. Fished spoons early and then switched to grubs in the narrows. Had a double of big Crappie that hit hard like trout. I didn’t get a pic because they were thrown back into the water too fast (I’m not mentioning any names😲) Then we switched back to spoons in the narrows. Finished up with 10 trout. Lost some good lures and gear on some big fish today. Some broke the lines completely! 😖Hopefully, we will get the big guns on another day!” “His wife and sweetheart added, “down riggers at 4’” 12/25/17

Left: Steve Satake of Rancho Cordova was out fishing north shore on Wed. 12/27 and wrote, “My boy and I hit Camanche with a couple of first time fisherman. It was a tough bite yesterday but we managed to scratch 5 between the narrows and the dam. Was worth every minute to watch two kids land their first fish.”

Right: This tub of rainbows was posted to the Gold Country Fishing Report on Dec. 25th by Dennis Moore and he wrote, “Camanche, first at 10:30 last at 1:30. Rainbow grubs 150-200 feet back 3 mph.”

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and to those that share your pictures!