All these March rains have helped bring Lake Camanche back up to 74% of full with an elevation of 220.04. It’s also helped with Pardee Lake increasing flows into Lake Camanche by approx. 1,021 C.F.S. and Camanche releasing 330 C.F.S. at the time of this report. Water temperature was reported to be 60 degrees.

Friday 3/16/18 Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout at the north shore courtesy ramp.  A huge plant of 3,600 lbs. is expected before the weekend.

Left: Mike Rodriguez posted this shot to Gold Country Fishing and wrote’ “ Lucky craft pointer and megabass 110 Lures 3/10/18.” ” Stopped fishing about 1:00, and hooked into 3 big trout but only landed one. Landed 4 nice crappies, all caught top lining 150′ back at 2.5 mph.   (PIC)everything caught trolling these 3 Lures”

Right: Malic Coleman shared his catch from the pond on 3/10/18 and commented,”Until next time Camanche!” He reported to other anglers that he was fishing the pond and wrote, “I was using cheese powerbait with a pretty long leader if that helps.”

Left: Michael Leong, aka mleong876. posted his shot on Instagram 3/21/18 and wrote, “This guy stayed at the Shad Buffet too long!”

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Left: David Jennings, aka cali_foothills_and_fishing on Instagram commented, “Nice to see the water is in the 60’s and the fish are up. Did not land the big one today, but caught plenty of fish. Not bad for getting a call to go fish from @rickscustombaits 11 am., and I am still in my sweats. #bassfishing #fishinglife” 3/11/18

Right: Resident and longtime Camanche angler, Beau Courtrol sent this picture to us from Monday 3/12. If you look close you can see the lure he used which also happens to be a lure he makes.

Left: Another Instagramer bassbait_photos, aka Ernie Williams, posted this terrific shot and wrote, “One happy fisherman today. Bite was slow all on soft plastic.”


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Boat Ramp Service 209-763-5124 Friday-Monday 8:30 – 3:30

Left and right: Nichole King posted these shots to Facebook on 3/11 and wrote, “Thank you Lake Camanche Fishing! I love to fish! Yesterday I caught two of the biggest trout, I’ve ever caught! We had a blast and tonight we enjoyed our catch!”

Both left and right pictures were posted to Instagram by Cody Krigbaum, aka krig_bomber on 3/11 from south shore. He commented, “First fish in the Titan 10.5… 12.72 lb, another peaceful day”

Left & right: Rick Novotny aka, rickscustombaits on Instagram posted these two pictures of a monster on 3/11 and wrote, “Needed some redemption today after a bad finish on the delta. So I loaded my gear back up and @cali_foothills_and_fishing and hit Camanche!”

Left and right: Deanna Shields was with Bob Yates and posted this shot on the Lake Camanche Fishing Facebook page on 3/11. She wrote, “Great Day on the lake.”

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and to those that share your photos!