At the time of this report, Lake Pardee was still at 100% full sending approx. 1,337 C.F.S. down to Lake Camanche. Camanche rose to up 87% full since last week and was at an elevation of 228.27′ again at the time of this report. Lake Camanche has decreased its release down to approx. 500 C.F.S. allowing the lake to continue to rise.

This week’s trout plant was a surprise coming in on Tuesday 4/17/18.  Mt. Lassen released 1,200 lbs. of trout at the South Trout Pond, 1,200 lbs. at the Catfish Pond (Children’s Event) and 600 lbs. to the south lake. An additional 2,400 lbs. will be planted before the end of next weekend for a total of 63,600 lbs. planted since October.

Right: Diana Stockton posted to Facebook on 4/14, “Another Awesome Day at Lake Camanche!! Thank you Robbie Dunham for getting us 9 fish in the box!! Should have been 15, lost 3 & had at least 4-5 more grabs. Fun day for sure!!”

Left: Kimberly Abeyta posted to FB on 4/12 and wrote, “my first fish ever🎣 what an awesome trip.. big beautiful bass on beaver pond — feeling excited.

Lake Camanche will always be in my story we tent camped there for 28 years just upgraded to a trailer year ago so we can camp year round monument 61 or 62 is our spot now ❤

Right: Jeff Alley also posted to FB reporting, “Caught my limit out at Camanche this morning. First time out fishing in over a month. I really needed this. Lots of fun. The key at the pond is have at least a 36″ leader and don’t cast far. Chartreuse garlic power eggs work best. Also tube jigs or Rapala broke backs. The leader can just be your space between the hook and your sliding sinker. 4-6 lb test”

Left: Jack Carrol was out on 4/12 with his adorable daughter and shared this shot on Gold Country Fishing Report .  “Nailing footballs at Camanche North Shore day use yesterday. Patience was the key, first fish came at seven pm with the rain. Sure was worth the wait, great fight, happy kiddo. Tried everything. One on a crawler off the bottom, and the big one took a chartreuse garlic egg two feet off the bottom, 20 yards out.”

Right: Instagramer, captainsweatpants posted this shot on 4/9 #fishman  #rippinglips #bassfishing  #bass  #troutfishing #catfisherman  #camping #serenity #lovethisplace  #lakecamanche  #northshore

Both left & right:  4/13/18 David Jennings, aka cali_foothills_and_fishing posted to Instagram, “Had a great time out fishing for crappie and caught a couple of bass in the process. You can definitely tell the difference between the bass and a crappie on a lightweight pole.  #crappiefishing #fishinglife #lakecamanche  #lakelife  #outdoorlife  #nature”

Left: 4/13 Another Instagramer, “mikecollinphotography 1lb Spotted bass out of @lakecamanche! #bassfishing #nature #outdoors #outdoorphotography #fishingphotography #goldcountry #lakecamanche #floattube#texasrig #yamamotobaits #naturephotography #fishing”

Left: April 2018 Bobby Bryant, aka shorebreakbob posted on Instagram, “Finally bass season is here! 📸@Franceswaslike #bassfishing #largemouth #lakecamanche #tubebait #4pounder”

Right: Sorry I missed this one a year ago…April 2017